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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 12:35

64 Anglers Took Part In One-Day Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Sailfish Smackdown

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2021 started out with the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Sailfish Smackdown being held as a one-day event.

The annual tournament was held in Pompano Beach and saw 64 anglers from California, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, and further afield taking part. However, it was ultimately Gregory Nolan from Delray Beach who walked away as the champion thanks to catching and releasing two sailfish. Along with his name on the trophy, Nolan also received a $5,000 check for his efforts.

Nolan is no stranger to Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament events and was also the champion of the 2018 Supper Slamp Part 1 tournament. Although he managed to reel in his first sailfish just before ten in the morning, he was trailing in the contest until getting his second one just before twelve. The competition was held between 7 am and 4 pm with brisk temperatures for anglers to brave while battled it out. Nolan has admitted that it was one of the coldest tournaments that he has ever fished in, but that conditions improved throughout the day. Despite taking part in the EKFT Sailfish Smackdown for the past three years this was the first time Nolan managed to land a sailfish during a money-making tournament. According to Nolan, it was also his first time landing two sailfish in one day.

The second-place spot went to Richard Bulot of Louisiana who managed to catch and release his sailfish just before 9 in the morning. Not only was it his first offshore kayak tournament, but also his first time catching a sailfish and he received a $2,000 check from Nautical Ventures in the process. The third-place winner, Christopher Wollerman, caught and released his sailfish at 10:30 a.m for a $1,000 check from Cooper Anchor, SA Company. Howard Kirk from Virginia took home a $500 check from Nautical Ventures for fourth place and Tan Raul of Jacksonville won a Proyaker Fish bag for his fifth-place finish.

Joe Hector, EKFT founder, stated that he was pleased with the turnout as well as the performance of the anglers. He revealed that in total seven sailfish were caught during the event, while 12 were lost. Check out the list of winners with their prizes below and mark April 10 on your calendar for the Exotic Bass Roundup at Lake Ida, the next Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament.


1st Greg Nolan 2 Sailfish 9:40 / 11:54 am; $5,000 RAILBLAZA and Turbo USA

2nd Richard Bulot 1 Sailfish 8:58 am; $2,000 Nautical Ventures

3rd Christopher Wollerman 1 Sailfish 10:30 am; $1,000.00 Cooper Anchor, SA Company

4th Howard Kirk 1 Sailfish 10:40 am; $500.00 Nautical Ventures

5th Tan Raul 1 Sailfish 11:02 am; Proyaker Fish Bag

6th Mike Andrews 1 Sailfish 11:39 am; Custom Handcrafted Star Rod


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