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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 00:00

GoPro and Audio

If you have tried to record audio with your GoPro while on the water using the waterproof case (which you can probably call a soundproof case), you have discovered it is almost impossible to do without using aftermarket devices to aid in getting good sound.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

Waterproofing Connectors

Water, salt, dirt, and corrosion are the worst components for damaging your cable connectors. Unlike a motor boat where the cable connectors are typically protected from most of the harsh weather conditions, kayaks are completely exposed. Taking salty waves over our bows landing on sandy beaches and constantly getting rained on are routine. For a minimal cost you can protect your cable connectors to obtain the maximum lifespan out of these expensive cables.

Published in Kayak Rigging
Sunday, 09 March 2014 10:10

Shimano Enters the Action Camera Market

On February 3, Shimano announced that they will be entering the sports action camera market with their “CM 1000 Sport Camera”. This camera has Wi-Fi capability that integrates with an iOS or Android application. This camera is waterproof to 30 feet (IPX-8 rated), and has an IPX5 dustproof rating. For those in the cold, the camera can operate at 14°F.

Published in Kayaks and Gear
Thursday, 06 February 2014 08:10

New Buzz in the Action Camera Market

A new camera company has emerged in the action camera market and their latest offering is creating a lot of buzz in the kayak fishing industry. WASPcam, based in Canada, has pushed the envelope in feature and price with two new offerings that launched January 15.

Published in Kayaks and Gear
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 17:37

Patching up those leaky waders

If you wear anything to keep waterproof, be it waders or a dry suit, and you spend any time kayak fishing, chances are at some point there will be a hole that will make for a miserable discovery. Breathable dry gear is expensive--a couple hundred bucks each for waders and dry tops, and much more for dry suits. Fortunately holes and small tears are easily repaired, and can bring new life to something you might otherwise shove aside and replace.

Published in How To Paddling
Sunday, 12 May 2013 18:30

How to kayaking dry gear care

Taking care of dry gear, be it waders, dry tops, dry suits, or even breathable rain gear, is often overlooked. They are usually tossed into the back of the truck, or in a tote, and if they’re lucky, you’ll remember to pull them out, rinse them off, and hang them up to dry. While rinsing your gear is the first step to keeping it in good shape, there are additional steps to breathe life back into these breathable waterproof fabrics.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 15:51

Geonaute 360 Capture Everything

Over the past few years, there has been enormous influx of new mini-action cameras on the market. This year several manufactures have really upped their game with major improvements on their current lines or completely new offerings. However, one company – Geonaute - has literally tried to spin the industry on its head with the “Geonaute 360”.

Published in Kayaks and Gear
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 19:27

No Longer Zip-Locked Bound!

Trying to film or take pictures while kayaking or kayak fishing is hard enough without having to worry about getting your camcorder wet.  Most of us have tried the zip-lock bag approach which works well until you actually have to use your equipment.  Aquapac has come to the rescue of the zip-lock bound YakAnglers!

Published in Kayaks and Gear
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 10:37

My New Camera For Kayak Fishing

I just placed the order for a new point and shoot camera.  The one I use right now is crap, and it’s only waterproof when I keep it in the zip lock bag.  The D10 has a waterproof housing that keeps it safe from cold as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, from drops of up to 4 feet, and from water down to depths of 33 feet.

Published in Fishing Gear

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