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Richard Ofner

Richard Ofner

Richard Ofner started fishing in the fall of 2008 from a kayak, targeting all freshwater species. He has fished all over the Great Lakes Region from Lake Michigan, Lake Superior to the French River,  and Bay of Quinte in Eastern Ontario. Taking advantage of all the opportunities Southwestern Ontario has to offer, Richard seeks out trophy Muskie, Walleye and Bass which can all be caught minutes away from where he lives.  The last few years Richard has ventured into Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas participating in several Kayak Fishing Tournaments.

He has organized the Border City Classic, in Windsor, Ontario which has grown to become one of  the Great Lakes Region’s largest Kayak Fishing Events. It is also one of the Hobie World Qualifiers since 2014. 

During the winter months where he can't get on the water he will do seminars, work fishing and boat shows, and write for blogs to help promote the areas vast resource of fishing opportunities and helping others to discover the sport of kayak fishing. Taking videos and pictures on the water of other people fishing in kayaks has also expanded into his kayak fishing experience.  
As a Hobie Fishing Team Member you may see Richard out in one of his Mirage Driven Kayaks mainly targeting Walleye, Bass, and Muskie, and will travel a few hours to target Salmon, Trout, and Sturgeon.

My Reviews

Railblaza "Camera Boom 600 Pro Series"
"The Railblaza 60 Camera Boom is one of the best camera mounts that I have used, if not the best. I recently bought a 2nd one and extra mounts so I move it to other kayaks. I mainly use GoPro Cameras for my videos and the platform on the Camera Boom is a secure connection. The rotating access can be moved without having to loosen the settings, so you are able to change positions..."
Mitchell's Bay Culdesac Launch
"A very good launch with parking nearby. It is free. Good LM Bass fishing along shoreline."
Kokatat "Paddling Pant"
"This is my first year wearing these pants and I have been pleasantly surprised by the features. They are comfortable, quick drying, and the tether at the cuff of the pants is functional for, keeping the pant near your ankle while paddling or pedaling your kayak. No more funny sun burns or tans around the top of your ankle. When launching, there is no need to roll up your pants only to have them fall while you..."
Hobie "Pro Angler 14"
"My review will be mostly comments comparing to the 2014 PA14. Speed - I noticed a very distinct difference in the ease of the new Mirage Drive with Glide Technology, resulting in a faster average speed over a long outing. Owning both the 2015 PA14 and Outback with several outings in each of them on the strong current of the Detroit River, I have to say, though the Outback seems faster compared to pedaling the PA14, the GPS..."
Hobie "Mirage Outback" 2015
"After having owned at one time or another most of the line of Hobie Mirage Kayaks I finally decided to give the Outback a try, especially considering the additions of the vantage seat and a few other small changes from earlier models. At the end of February I picked up my 2015 Blue Hobie Mirage Outback. It sat in my garage for a few weeks as I tried to consider the best rigging. One of the..."
Backwater "Assault" Hand Paddle
"A couple years ago I received a couple of these paddles as part of a package that I won from an online derby. At that time they were made of wood. My first thoughts were, who could I give them away to, or it even crossed my mind to re-gift. They sat in my garage for over a year. I still don't know why or what gave me the idea to put them in the front..."

Latest Articles

As the sport of kayak fishing continues to grow in the Midwest, Michigan has been void of a sound tournament series to date. That is until 2016.  Both the Michigan Kayak Fishing Series and KATS - Midwest will give kayak anglers in Southwest and Southeast Michigan, several options to participate.  The MKFS kicks off on May 7th on Gull Lake, Richland, MI  and KATS - Midwest on May 14th on Kent Lake, Brighton, Michigan.  The Michigan Kayak Fishing Series will span 6 events concluding September 17th on Burt Lake, Indian River, Michigan.  KATS - Midwest will have 3 events, a 4th, the Border City Classic will qualify for points towards the KATS - Midwest AOY. The final event for KATS - Midwest will be on September 24th, Cass Lake, Keego Harbor, Michigan. 

KATS - Midwest is an extension of the popular KATS that is held throughout Texas for the past 10 years and is the result of the recent merger aquisition of Austin Canoe & Kayak by Summit Sports.  The information can be found on the FishKATS.com website and will be run very similar to how KATS Texas has been run.

Considering that that Michigan has the most shoreline of any other state and is a close 2nd to Minnesota for the number of named lakes, it is no surprise to see how fast the sport of kayak fishing is growing in the Wolverine State.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 00:00

YakAngler Pro Interview - Jeff Sherwood

Jeff Sherwood has only been fishing for a few years from a kayak, but has the luxury of being in the business. He is the General Manager of Retail for the new Summit Sports - Austin Canoe & Kayak combined company. Jeff recently began tournament fishing, competing in several events in the Mid-West. He also fished in the Hobie Bass Open, and KBF Open on Toledo Bend in 2015. Jeff will be an instrumental figure in the growth of kayak fishing tournament in Michigan for 2016, expanding the successful Texa- based Kayak Anglers Tournament Series (KATS).

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 00:00

GoPro and Audio

If you have tried to record audio with your GoPro while on the water using the waterproof case (which you can probably call a soundproof case), you have discovered it is almost impossible to do without using aftermarket devices to aid in getting good sound.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 00:00

2015 Border City Classic Results

This year's Border City Classic ended up being extreme kayak fishing at its best, without sharks, alligators, or tides to contend with. Over 30 mph winds - gusting close to 50 mph - and 3.5”of rain did not keep the field of 122 anglers from getting out on the water. They also uploaded over 200 bass to iAngler.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014 00:00

Securing Small Items and Tools

Each time you rig a kayak, there are new products and ideas that could be implemented to help make your human-powered watercraft catch fish - or so we think. The word that always comes to my mind when making rigging decisions is “convenience”.

Friday, 05 December 2014 00:00

2014 vs 2015 Hobie "Outback" - A comparison

The Hobie “Outback” was the company's first kayak aimed directly for the kayak fishing market. It continues to be their top-selling fishing kayak to date. Because of its continued success, Hobie has left a great design alone sticking with the mantra: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. – until the 2015 model.

Hobie continues to tweak their 2015 SUV line of fishing kayaks. Both the “Mirage Pro Angler 12” and “Mirage Pro Angler 14” received major updates from the 2014 models. Here is a side by side comparison of the 2014 vs. 2015 Mirage Pro Angler kayaks.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 00:00

2014 Border City Classic

The 2014 Border City Classic is now history. Eighty two kayak anglers took to the water to compete in the fourth annual BCC. Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River didn't disappoint the dedicated field of kayak anglers, some of whom came from as far as Edmonton, AB, Ottawa, ON, and Fort Wayne, IN. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 09:28

Kayak Angling For Freshwater Gators

No we don't have Alligators or Crocodiles in the Great Lakes Region. We do have what is known as the fish of a thousand casts. Up until a few years ago you rarely saw Kayak Anglers targeting Muskie. The mention of inviting one of these Freshwater Gators into your small plastic floating vessel, would make even an experienced angler think you should maybe hire a guide and let him help you catch a Muskie in a charter.

In the mid to late eighties, I first became aware of computers, software and new technology. Working in a manufacturing environment building stamping tools in the Automotive industry we had to learn and apply the new technology as it came available, otherwise we wouldn't have survived. This strong foundation has kept me up to date with our digital world has it has progressed over the last 30 years.

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