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Isaac Miller

About the Author: Isaac Miller considers himself an "equal opportunity angler" and will fish anything that will take a hook. Isaac often makes live internet video broadcasts when fishing from his kayaks, giving up-to-the-second reports on conditions and tackle choices. He also blogs at www.isaac-online.com and is a YakAngler.com Pro Staffer as well as Co-Host for Kayak Fishing Radio's Wild West show, PR Director for Recycled Fish, and co-owner of Green Tackle.

My Reviews

Uniden Atlantis VHF Marine Radio
"When you're on the water, other boats can present hazards for kayak fisherman. They can also be a lifeline. Cell phones are great when you find yourself in a hairy situation, but they don't always work. That's where the VHF radio comes in. It allows for on-the-water communication with other boats on the water, the Coast Guard, and you can also get weather information in case you don't notice the storm moving in on your location...."
Baffin "Trail to Rapids" Footware
"Sometimes neoprene just doesn't cut it. You need a real shoe. You might be scrambling around oyster beds, portaging your gear around an obstacle, or just prefer to keep the feet protected. The problem with shoes is that water pools up inside, mud and sand pile up and make things uncomfortable. Baffin shoes, however, are different. For a company that is known to be "Polar Proven," many people would be surprised to see that Canada based..."
Moose Rack “Hull PRO”
"One thing that was nice about my old place was that the garage lead into the basement. This made it easy for me to securely store my kayaks and keep room for the car. The new house, however, made kayak storage a little less convenient. Just a couple of kayaks and the garage was seemingly full; even on my rolling cart they were the elephant in the room. I needed another way. While the garage might be small, fortunately..."
Jackson Kayak "Cuda 12"
"I didn't think i had a place for the Cuda 12. I have a Coosa for my river fishing. I have a Cuda 14 for my ocean fishing. If I was fishing lakes, then I'd pick either the Coosa or the C14 depending on the size of the lake. Then I borrowed a Cuda 12. This is a slick little boat. It packs all the features of the C14 into a smaller package. It's nimble enough for..."
NRS "Pike"
"Many kayak anglers won't even consider an inflatable kayak for fishing. Those folks are missing out on river fishing in those holes behind the Class III and higher rapids. They're also hauling around their hard-to-store-without-a-garage hard plastic kayaks in trucks that get gas mileage in the low teens. They're missing out on a kayak that can fit in a backpack and fit in the trunk of even some of the smallest cars - or even on the bus. It's called..."
Jackson Kayak “SUPerFISHal”
"For some folks, sitting down and paddling just isn't their cup of tea. For others, they just have to be able to stand up and fish, but have a hard time standing in even the widest of kayaks. Available now from Jackson Kayaks is the “SUPerFISHal”, a SUP designed for stand-up paddle board fishing. Using more muscles to move the SUP also means you can get more fit while fishing. The SUPerFISHal is built off the Jackson “SUPerNATURAL”, and..."

Latest Articles

Sunday, 31 July 2011 12:25

Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-a-Thon

The Final Week of registration is upon us. The Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-a-Thon is the non-profit promoting a lifestyle of stewardship biggest fundraiser.  Teams from around the country compete in a weekend of non-stop fishing on September 9th and 10th.  Awards for the most money raised, and the most fish caught are substantial, and there are plenty of other prizes to go around as well.

Thursday, 28 July 2011 20:13

2011 Irishwaterdogs Invitational

In 2010, the Irishwaterdogs Invitational was born. A fundraising event for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, nearly 100 kayak anglers hit the waters around Jacksonville, FL, to fish the slam, win cash prizes, and hopefully take home new kayaks.  Registration for the 2011 Irishwaterdogs Invitational is now open.  Hoping to double last year's attendance, the Cleft Palate Center of Jacksonville will be this years fund raising recipient.

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 02:00

Going Lead Free

More and more we hear about possible legislation prohibiting lead in certain waters.Usually these talks are focusing on waterfowl protection, and sportsmen are quick to push against the lawmakers and organizations hopeful for their causes. While the politics about lead use in fishing and hunting will make your head spin, there is no argument that lead is a toxic substance, period. Here are some great alternatives to lead that work excellently, and deserve a place in your tackle box.

Monday, 25 July 2011 02:00

Costa Updates Their Womens Lineup

Costa del Mar stole the show at ICAST this year with their introduction of four new styles just for the ladies.  More than just a trendy look, the Hammock, Little Harbor, Tippet and Islamorada frames are come with Costa's high-tech polarized lenses, giving lady kayak anglers style and performance.
Friday, 22 July 2011 02:00

NRS Brings the Goods

Northwest River Supply is a name synonomous with extreme river passages here in the North West.  NRS began building inflatable rafts and pontoons in the 1970s and built a brand on unparalleled performance and strength.  At ICAST this year, NRS made its first appearance and uncovered two new excellent fishing platforms.

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 01:00

New Goodies From YakAttack

Finally we get to see what Luther Cifers of YakAttack has been talking about on Facebook for the last month.  Yesterday, YakAttack makers of kayak fishing equipment; presented a video showing off the latest gear which should be available within the next four to five weeks.

Friday, 20 May 2011 02:00

Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler

Unveiled at Outdoor Retailer last year, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler has finally hit the shelves.  This new inflatable fishing kayak shows that, yes, inflatables should definitely be in consideration when you are shopping for a new fishing kayak.

Thursday, 05 May 2011 01:14

Fish Itch: Save Scratch. Raise Cash

You're familiar with Woot.com right?  The site with a single daily item, super-cheap, and when they sell out, they're out, until the next item the next day.  Now, imagine that for fishing gear or better yet kayak fishing gear.  This time items stay up for a whole week, and there's an extra-special gift in the end.

Well known for surfing and the charter and commercial Dory boat fleet, Pacific City is a hands down favorite for kayak anglers on the Oregon Coast. With summer swells normally from the north, Cape Kiwanda protects the launch site, making the surf quite manageable. Haystack Rock, just about a half mile from launch, gives you excellent fishing and exquisite scenery. Parking can be had right on the beach where you launch, or you can park in the main parking lot if you have concerns getting on and off the beach.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:18

IGFA to finally recognize C&R practices

With the conservation efforts surrounding the fishing industry today, there was always one hold out.  Despite the conservation efforts the International Game Fish Association, their rules for recording world record fish usually resulted in the fish's death.  That has finally changed.

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