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We visited the Johnson Outdoor booth and had a look at Oldtown Kayak's Predator PDL and Ocean's Malibu PDL.  This is a great combo if you like to go fishing and take  your family along, as the Predator is a more serious fishing kayak while the Malibu is light, fun and features jump seats for the kid(s) or dog.

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Thursday, 02 February 2017 14:57

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500

Buying a kayak for fishing is a lot cheaper than buying a more traditional boat, but some of the newer and more expensive models can still put a serious dent in your bank balance. However, if all you desire is to get out on the water and fish, it is possible to pick up a few bargains along the way. Here are six kayaks that might not be as feature packed as their more expensive brethren, but can be yours for under $500.

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Excitement took over and no one could sleep the night before April 24, 2014. The morning was still young when sixty people, thirty three of whom were anglers, took the three-hour trek from Port Everglades to Freeport, Grand Bahamas for the 2014 “Battle in the Bahamas”.

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Some kayak companies are marketing their fishing kayaks as stable enough to stand in. Despite the evolution of stable kayaks, there are many kayak anglers that have not taken advantage of this feature, although they would like to. If you are a person who would like to but haven’t for whatever reason, it is to you that I am writing this article, in which I hope to offer some tips that have helped me along the way.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 16:19

Springtime Hybrids

Here in Texas, the winter has had its time and spring is showing up throughout the weekly forecasts. A week ago we were dealing with water temps around 40°F and the fish, not used to chilly water, seemed uncooperative. This week sees a large warming trend, and signals the beginning of hybrid striped bass season.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 20:01

Kayakapalooza V

Kayakjak’s Outfitters is proud to announce the “Kayakapalooza V” Series! This series of kayak angling tournaments will start online on April 1 and culminate in a “live” event on August 9 at Wagon Train Lake near Lincoln, NE.

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Sunday, 02 February 2014 17:06

No Perfect Kayak

I'm sorry to be the one to say it. Well... not really. For you new guys - the lurkers and quizzers, the ones wanting to get into kayak fishing or just kayaking in general - the perfect kayak does not exist. For you kayak fishing vets - not all of you, but some of you - stop telling them, “Kayak XR34 is the best in the world, and you have to have one or you'll be sorry!”

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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 20:47

The Copahee Stump

The first trip for 2014 felt like Lewis, Greg, and I were fishing somewhere in the Midwest or the New England area, except for the snow. Weather conditions were cold; the air temperature was 37°F, water temperature at 47° F, with wind from the NNE pushing wind chills into the low teens. The clouds gave the appearance that it could snow, and conditions were almost there to make it happen.

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Thursday, 02 January 2014 13:08

Why Fly?

If you were to ask a person why he fly fishes, there would be no telling what kind of answer you could run into. Some will say it is just relaxing and a lot of fun, or it is a new challenge. A purist might tell you how he can keep a fly in the strike zone longer, or can make three casts on target before a conventional fisherman can cast, retrieve, and cast again.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 17:33

Meet Carrie Brown aka “Wilderness Woman!”

I recently had the chance to ask kayak fishing phenom Carrie Brown a few questions about her recent successes. She is the overall champion of the last three Kayakapalooza fishing series in Nebraska. Carrie is relentless when it comes to kayak fishing, finding new methods to bring aboard our finned friends for a quick picture and release.

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