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Sunday, 11 August 2013 19:59

Sanity Day

I’ve been busy. Really busy, just like everyone else. It came to my attention recently that my son and I haven’t been out in our kayaks nearly enough this summer and I needed to schedule a Sanity Day on the Stones River. Mission: Get onto some fish together. Secondary Mission: To see my teenage son get at least one big goofy grin across his face.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012 19:10

2013 Coosa changes

Just about everyone has read or written a review on the Jackson “Coosa”. It is easy to load into a shorter bed truck, easy to maneuver on moving water, stable enough for fat folks like me to stand in, and comes in some of the most awesome color combos on the kayak market. It has its downsides - a bit sluggish on flat water, and the wind can make your day a bit more challenging - but my Coosa is here to stay. That’s why this isn’t so much of a review as it is an update to let folks know what has changed for 2013.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 21:20

Jackson Kayak Transducer Install

Some folks say that Jackson Kayak has thought of everything. It’s the little details such as the scuppers found on Jackson boats that help solidify that claim. The underside of the kayak boasts some large openings that serve a couple purposes besides draining water from the deck. Their large size makes great hand holds if you’re car-topping on top of an SUV. They’re also the perfect home for your fish finder transducer.

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Thursday, 05 July 2012 20:25

Thigh Straps for the Coosa

The Jackson Kayak “Coosa” is a phenomenal platform for river fishing. As such, it’s also pretty decent running some rapids. I was looking to increase the river-running potential of the Coosa, and that really meant gaining a bit more control of the kayak. The best way to control a kayak is to wear it; to become one with it.

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Thursday, 05 April 2012 02:00

Kayaker wins World Championship

Last weekend, 50 fly anglers from around the US and Canada converged on McMinnville, TN, for the Musky Fly Fishing World Championship. Competitors hit a couple local rivers from bass boats, drift boats, and even a few kayaks. Their goal - catch and release the largest muskellunge using fly tackle, and promote musky conservation efforts. Little did they know, a kayak angler was going to take the win.
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Last year, the Jackson Kayak's 'Coosa took inland kayak fishing by storm.  An incredibly agile and stable fishing platform that excelled on small rivers, the Coosa still left a little to be desired on larger bodies of water where speed and direction are more desired.  Jackson Kayaks put Drew Gregory back to work and now two new fishing platforms are poised to hit the market.

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