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Evan Howard

Evan Howard

Fishing is in Evan's blood; ingrained in his DNA like thread woven into fabric. He was taught to fish by his father and grandfather as an integral, life skill. His youth was spent exploring the banks of North Alabama’s ponds and rivers, searching for big bass and adventure; daydream of tournament wins and becoming a professional angler. However, he yearned to escape those banks to explore, go farther, and fish waters I could not reach. After he graduated college, kayak fishing, spearheaded by guys like Drew Gregory, exploded onto the angling scene and provided the means to escape the banks and ply the unreachable waters he longed for. Evan quickly fell in love with paddling and fishing all waters, but his true passion lies in exploring small, remote flows to unlock their guarded secrets; hard-fighting, river fish.

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Mike Bucca’s “Bull Shad” Swimbait
"The overwhelming majority of swimbait manufacturers place their focus on producing trout imitation baits. Although they work in the Southeast, they do not give off a shad-like swim or profile. Enter Mike Bucca and his “Bull Shad” - a three-joint, four-piece, hard resin shad imitation swimbait. The poster child for rugged-simplicity, the Bull Shad offers little to aesthetically-demanding bait collectors, focusing instead on high-quality components and functionality. Excellent hooks, split rings, and massive, internal hook-hanger swivels grace the bait...."
Mike Bucca’s “Bull Shad” Swimbait
"The Monster Shad is a three joint, four piece hard swimbait based off the popular Bull Shad series. Measuring in at a whopping 5 ounces and 9 inches in total length, the Monster Shad is a legitimate trophy hunting lure. The thought process behind this bait is to engineer a lure that mimics only the mature, gizzard shad; a forage that only the apex predators feed on. Trophy fish live distinctly separate lives from their smaller kin. They occupy..."
Dobyns Rods "Champion Series"
"The Best Rod You Don’t Own Yet Dobyns Champion 765 Flip It is no shock that I am a huge proponent of Dobyns Rods. I own multiple models from the Savvy, Champion, and Extreme rod series which each have distinctive actions and applications. The Champion 765 Flip, however, is my favorite model from all the Dobyns offerings. The Dobyns Champion 765 Flip is a 7 foot 6 inch, 5 power flipping rod with a unique, parabolic action..."
Jackson Kayak “SUPerFISHal”
"I was skeptical, at first, about how useful a standup paddle board could actually be for day to day use. It seemed more suited to playing and exercising on flatwater and some saltwater applications; not practical in a River Stalker's world. After borrowing a friend's SUPerFISHal for a test run, I was so blown away by it's practicality, simplicity and general "fishability" I ordered one the next day. After putting it through grueling shallow water creeks, swift rivers, and windy..."

Latest Articles

Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

Top 10 Mistakes of Beginning Swimbait Anglers

Swimbait fishing is one of my true passions, and something I have devoted the majority of my fishing time towards over the last four years. I will launch an ongoing series on swimbait fishing from a kayak fisherman’s point of view. Although a “Kayak Swimbait 101” crash course is on the way, I find that mistakes teach more than lectures. These Top 10 mistakes are all hard-learned, hard-earned topics I hear echoed by other experienced swimbait fishermen.

Friday, 21 August 2015 00:00

Downsize Your Tackle - Pack a Day Box

Have you ever opened your tackle tray and wondered why you have all these deep-diving crankbaits when you’re fishing in a grassy, five-acre pond? Most of us have had this moment. I shake my head when I see an angler load seven rods and ten trays of lures into an already-overburdened kayak.

Thursday, 30 July 2015 00:00

Smallies on Swimbaits - Day 2

With the first day of my swimbait-smallmouth trip down, we crashed at a cheap motel and spent the remainder of the night huddled over smart phones pouring over Google Maps. We had a plan in place, but wanted to extend our float option for this final leg. The tricky part of digital scouting is that just because the road runs along the river doesn’t mean that you can get to the water easily or legally.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 00:00

Smallies on Swimbaits - Day 1

As a teacher with summers off, I used to spend at least three or four days a week on the water. That gave me so much time to get pictures, video, try out new techniques, and really key into what the fish were doing in my local bodies of water. Adulthood, home ownership, and holding my son out of daycare to be a full-time parent during the summer has cut into my fishing time, so I may only get on the water once every couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 00:00

The Simple Things

Catching bass isn’t just about finding the right locations, patterns and lures. I consider it to be a mental game just like golf. Sure, you can beat the banks while chatting with your fishing partners and taking in the scenery, and you will most likely have a bass impale itself on your lure. But, if you aren’t on point, with your gear, technique, and concentration, you are missing a world of opportunities. 

Friday, 06 March 2015 12:49

Shakeyhead 101

When the conditions get tough and your well-laid plans and predicted patterns go out the window, good old shakeyhead will be there for you. The shakeyhead worm is possibly one of the most effective techniques available to bass fishermen. It is a staple for both boaters and co-anglers alike on every bass fishing tournament series across the globe.

Monday, 23 February 2015 00:00

Hardcore Swimbait Stripers, Part II

My father and I paddled a peaceful Alabama creek this past summer, and I captured some of the most exciting swimbait fishing I have ever experienced. I knew this trip would be special when my 6” Bull Shad got hammered on the very first cast.

Thursday, 12 February 2015 00:00

Sliming your kayak

My fresh 2015 Jackson Kayak “Kilroy” sat patiently in my garage awaiting that ritual all kayak owners relish: the slime job. But what exactly is “sliming” and where did this odd tradition come from?

Friday, 06 February 2015 00:00

Humility Learned the Hard Way

Humility comes upon us in a variety of ways. Often, it is our arrogance crashing down upon our heads. Sometimes it is just an unfortunate event that teaches us the deepest of lessons. Although the 2014 tournament season on the River Bassin Trail brought me angling success and four new personal records for bass, it served some mighty, heaping helpings of humble pie.

Monday, 08 December 2014 00:00

How to Fish Your Fluke

Soft jerkbaits are quite possibly one of the most consistent lures in your tackle box. There are a multitude of different offerings by plastic companies, but much like the soft drink world, they are all called “flukes” thanks to the popularity of Zoom Bait Company’s “Super Fluke”. I prefer Zoom’s super fluke for my soft jerkbait applications.

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