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Onyx "A/M 24" Inflatable Life Jacket
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October 23, 2014    

Onyx A/M 24

I used to use a bulky neoprene pfd from a certain big-box store. It was hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. And it's true that if a pfd is uncomfortable, you're not going to wear it. When my wife told me that she'd feel better if I'd wear my pfd while on the water, I decided I needed to get a nice one.
The reason I went with this Onyx was due completely to the fact that it is inflatable. There's no way it would be bulky or uncomfortable since it was deflated. That idea was spot on! I wear it out on every trip and have no problems with comfort. Sometimes I forget I have it on and leave the launch still wearing it.
I've never had to rearm it, but have done the process on a friend's, and it can be a little time consuming. There's also the issue of it going off in shallow water which could be problematic, but I haven't had that be an issue yet.
Overall, I think this is a great pfd that doesn't feel like a pfd!

User Info

Waters Fished:
  • Large Lakes
  • Small Ponds
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
30+ times

Pros & Cons

lightweight, breathable, comfortable
could auto-inflate when not needed
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