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H&H Lures "Sparkle Beetle"
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March 18, 2013    
(Updated: April 08, 2014)
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H&H Lures "Sparkle Beetle"-The Speck Slayah!

Next time you are fishing in Louisiana, take a walk into a local tackle store. Peek in the tackle boxes of any angler. Ask every fisherman you meet what was the first artificial lure with which they caught a fish. I am willing to bet that in every bait shop, in all those Plano boxes, and those Cajun fishermen will tell you the bait everyone in Louisiana has multiples of is the H&H Lure Company “Sparkle Beetle”.

H&H Lure Company, a Baton Rouge based and family owned company, has been stocking tackle stores around the world for over 50 years. The company produces everything from spinnerbaits to paddle-tail minnows to one of the most talked about lures among speckled trout fishermen: the Sparkle Beetle! Made in 25 colors and two sizes, the split-tailed design gives the lure action matching that of a fleeing minnow or shrimp. Fished on a jig head, they drive trout insane. In fact, the bait is so effective, the fisherman doesn’t have to impart any action to the bait; just reel it and the specks go wild!

Fishermen like legendary Louisiana fishing host Frank Davis and well-known Shell Beach aficionado Kenny Campo have mentioned the Sparkle Beetle in literature, interviews, and charter trips. In fact, my father, Clinton “Makin’ Poo” Schouest, a lifelong fisherman and teacher of all things fishing, has said, “The chartreuse Sparkle Beetle will catch trout when nothing else will.” I decided to put my dad’s teachings to the test.

In late December, I and my fishing “pod’nah” Thomas Sparks went out to the sulfur mine in Golden Meadow to prefish the BCKFC’s Minimalist Challenge. The rule was artificials only. I decided that I would follow my dad’s belief and fish only the Sparkle Beetle. The color of the day was rootbeer with a red hotspot. Fished sixteen inches under a Marsh Works rattlin’ cork, the dinks in the mine were going nuts for them! Unfortunately, the line I was using was too heavy to get good hook sets, and I only caught two of the twenty trout that hit the lure.

During the Merritt Island Boondoggle, while fishing out around the No Motor Zone I decided to give the rootbeer Sparkle Beetle another whirl. The fish seemed to have disappeared off the face of the map, but I did have two hits; one was a cute little eight-incher that surfaced and threw the hook like a mighty white whale with specks on his back. But a cast later, I got a solid hit, and the fish spit back the hook, leaving me a mutilated beetle. Can you say “He’s dead, Jim”?

Fast forward to March 9 in Leesville, in the marshes behind Bobby Lynn’s. Live minnows weren’t doing it in the deep holes and drop offs, so I decided to go to what was becoming my “go-to” lure. I remembered something I had read in a book on trout: something along the lines of “Speckled trout will hit on any color as long as its chartreuse.” I casted it out under a cork, and while reeling it in a lunker of a speckled back slammed it! She spit the hook, but the twelve-incher after her made her way into the boat! I got a call over the radio from Thomas to come to a spot where he was on them heavy, using more H&H Sparkle Beetles! I arrived at the spot, and the action was nonstop!

Not only are they exceptionally deadly on the specks, they are tough as nails! On my adventure back on the ninth, one Sparkle Beetle lasted well over thirty fish, and it is still ready to go for the next round! The top of the lure feels like plastic sandpaper, but the red hot spot is still prominent, the tail still works, and it will most likely last another couple of fish before it needs to be changed.

The next time you are out at Bass Pro Shops, Academy, or Cabela’s, and you are looking for new lures to entice the gatormouths, grab a bag of H&H Sparkle Beetles and go get some lunkers in people’s faces!

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