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Tunny, little

27 in   	Pensacola, FL, USA   25-July-2013  Brad Schwartz 27 in Pensacola, FL, USA 25-July-2013 Brad Schwartz

(Rafinesque, 1810); SCOMBRIDAE FAMILY; also called little tuna, Atlantic little tunny, false albacore

Occurs in tropical and warm temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the New England states and Bermuda to Brazil and from South Africa to Biscay or Great Britain. They are also in the Mediterranean. It is a pelagic, schooling, migratory species.

It is most easily distinguished from similar species by its markings. It has a scattering of dark spots resembling fingerprints between the pectoral and ventral fins that are not present on any related Atlantic species. It also has wavy, “worm like” markings on the back. These markings are above the lateral line within a well marked border, and never extend farther forward than about the middle of the first dorsal fin. The markings are the same as in the closely related Pacific kawakawa (Euthynnus affinis) but are unlike those of any other Atlantic species.



LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerKayak
27in Pensacola, FL, USA 25-July-2013 Brad Schwartz Hobie Pro Angler 14
26in Vero Beach, FL, USA 13-May-2013 Andrew Mixon Hobie Pro Angler 12

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