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Trout, rainbow

25.25 in  	 	Lake Erie, Erieau, Ontario Canada 05-August-2013 Richard Ofner 25.25 in Lake Erie, Erieau, Ontario Canada 05-August-2013 Richard Ofner

(Walbaum, 1792); SALMONIDAE FAMILY; also called steelhead, Kamloops, redband trout, Eagle Lake trout, Kern River trout, Shasta trout, San Gorgonio trout, Nelson trout, Whitney trout, silver trout

It is native to the west coast of North America from southern Alaska to Durango, Mexico and inland as far as central Alberta in Canada and Idaho and Nevada in the U.S. It has been extensively introduced across the lower Canadian provinces and throughout the area of the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast, south in the Appalachians to northern Georgia and Alabama, east in the southern U.S. to western Texas and sporadically in the central U.S. as well as above the Great Lakes on the Atlantic coast. It has been transplanted to New Zealand, Australia, South America, Africa, Japan, southern Asia, Europe and Hawaii. An Asian species known as the Kamchatka trout is believed to be a form of the rainbow trout. It is native to the Amur River in the eastern part of Russia as well as Kamchatka and the Commander Islands.

LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerKayak
25.25 in Lake Erie, Erieau, Ontario, Canada 05-August-2013 Richard Ofner Hobie Revolution 13

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