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Snakehead, northern

30 in	 	Pohick Bay, VA , USA	23-Auguts-2012	 	Jeff Singleton 30 in Pohick Bay, VA , USA 23-Auguts-2012 Jeff Singleton

The Northern snakehead (Channa argus) is a type of snakehead fish native to China, Russia, North Korea and South Korea. In the United States, the fish is considered to be a highly invasive species. In a well-known incident, several were found in a pond in Crofton, Maryland in June 2002, which led to major media coverage and two movies about the incident, Snakehead Terror and Frankenfish. There have been sightings at Central Park in Burnaby, BC.

Northern snakeheads are top predators capable of growing to at least three feet long and surviving throughout the continental US in a variety of habitats. With teeth similar to our pike and walleye, they are superb predators. They feed voraciously, primarily on other fish but also eat frogs, crayfish and aquatic insects. While they prefer weedy shallow waters, they can inhabit virtually any of our lakes and streams. They tolerate a wider range of oxygen levels than our native species. When oxygen is insufficient to support most of our native fish, snakeheads can breathe air and they may survive for days out of water in damp conditions. Young fish can move across the ground to access water.



LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerKayak
30 in Pohick Bay, VA, USA 23-August-2013 Jeff Singleton Malibu X-Factor
29.25 in Pohick Bay, VA, USA 09-August-2013 Jeff Singleton Malibu X-Factor
27 in Mattawoman Creek, MD, USA 08-July-2012 Rob Goebel ""

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