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Snook, atlantic

36 in Cayo Costa, FL, USA 19-March-2006 Bill Howard 36 in Cayo Costa, FL, USA 19-March-2006 Bill Howard

CENTROPOMIDAE FAMILY also called robalo; (western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico: C. parallelus Poey, 1860, fat; C. pectinatus Poey, 1860, tarpon

The genus Centropomus is confined to the American tropics and subtropics. Six species occur in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific. None occur in both oceans. They inhabit shallow coastal waters, estuaries and brackish lagoons, often penetrating far inland in fresh water. Their movements between fresh and salt water are seasonal, but they stay close to shore and never stray far from estuaries.

They are very distinctive and it would be difficult to confuse them with any other fishes. The lower jaw protrudes and a highly prominent black lateral line runs from the top of the gill cover along the sides and all the way through the tail. The body is compressed and the snout depressed and pike like. Two dorsal fins are separated by a gap. The second anal spine is conspicuous, spurlike, much thicker than the first and third. The margin of the preopercle is serrate, with 1 5 enlarged denticles at angle.


LengthLocationCatch DateAngler
36 in Cayo Costa, FL, USA 19-March-2006 Bill Howard

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