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Wednesday, 11 August 2021 11:45

Northland Fishing Tackle Puts A New Spin On Their Popular Reed-Runner Spinnerbait

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Spinnerbaits are an essential part of any angler's arsenal, and many favor a collection consisting of multiple styles, sizes, and colors.
The advantage of having so many choices is that they are all designed for specific species and conditions, so you are always prepared. Northland Fishing Tackle has recently announced that for 2022 they are putting a new spin on one of their most popular spinnerbaits, the Reed-Runner. The new spinnerbait is called the Tandem Willow Reed-Runner, and it is flush with aggressive blades without compromising design or component quality.
The Tandem Willow Reed-Runner promises to be a premium yet affordable spinnerbait offering maximum flash and turbulence in the water. It features dueling willowleaf-style blades that are affixed with slick spinning and durable swivels. In addition, it has a stout steel hairpin with a loop bend tie-eye for easy clipping using snaps and leaders. It is this loop bend tie-eye that sets the entire Reed-Runner series apart from the competition. 
Northland Fishing Tackle has also ensured that the body of the Willow Reed-Runner is just as distinctive. The weighted heads of this series are sculpted to emulate a baitfish, and the bulging bicolor eyeballs make them even more attractive to fish. A premium Ultra-Point hook is firmly embedded in the jighead, and it can also support a trailing Northland Slip-on Sting'r Hook for anglers who want to thwart short strikers. 
Last but not least is the Tandem Will Reed-Runner's skirt, which is not exactly typical. It is a Crazy-Legs silicone skirt with individual legs that are unified into a single component. Thanks to this design, you won't lose individual strands if a bass or pike pulls on the skirt. This is a feature that all anglers who had skirts thinned out to uselessness over time will appreciate. The skirt is not just durable either, but very supple and pulses seductively in the water. Since it is virtually weedless, the Tandem Will Reed-Runner is just as deadly whether pulled through vegetation or atop. 
According to Northland Fishing Tackle, the Tandem Will Reed-Runner is highly versatile in all water conditions. In cold water, it can be reeled slowly on a straight retrieve to let its natural motion do the heavy lifting, while in warmer water, it can garner titanic strikes if anglers burn it in. Of course, letting the bait freefall into pockets in the weeds is just as effective, and the way that the lure trolls on an even keel while covering water will be appreciated by pike and muskie enthusiasts. 
The Tandem Will Reed-Runner will be available in 2022 in 15 different colors. The MSRP is $6.99 to $7.99 in ¼, 3/8, and ½-ounce sizes.
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