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Thursday, 25 March 2021 15:04

Northland Fishing Tackle Reveals New Rumble Crankbait Series

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Northland Fishing Tackle has recently announced its entry into the premium hardbait market with the Rumble crankbait series.
These crankbaits, designed by chief lure designer Jarmo Rapala, are all handmade starting with a block of the finest balsa wood. A special heat compression molding process is used too for improved durability. This has the added advantage of ensuring that the lures run true on the troll and retrieve while also beating the casting distance of the competition. 
All three of these crankbaits are available in a variety of colors and have short shank treble hooks along with an oval split-ring on the line tie. In addition to the heat compression molding process used in their manufacturing, the baits also all have a welded through wire construction from the tie-eye to the tail. Here's a closer look at the Rumble Crankbait lineup.

Rumble Shad

The Rumble Shad is available in three varieties that dives to depths of 5' to 21' depending on what you are using. This midsized bait was designed to imitate shad, perch, and panfish while offering a tight action and dramatic roll. Northland Team Pro Brian "Bro" Brosdahl praised the Rumble Shad and stated that in his opinion it is going to be the hottest new walleye bait this spring. According to Bro, it casts well and you can feel the bait thumping while you are reeling.

Rumble Shiner

Also in the line-up is the Rumble Shiner, which is a shallow-diving balsa crankbait. It is available in three sizes that all offer varying diving depths. Thanks to its tight action and elongated profile this bait was designed to mimic forage such as chubs and shiner minnows, which makes it perfect for casting or trolling. According to Bro, the fact that the Rumble Shiner mimics so many species of forage makes it perfect for just about any situation. He believes that it is a great lure for both pitching and trolling, which means it's going to be a hit this season.

Rumble Stick

Last, but not least, is the Rumble Stick - an open-water, deep trolling bait that is available in two different sizes. The Rumble Stick was designed to imitate larger baitfish and thanks to its tight action it is especially adept at attracting aggressive gamefish responses. According to Bro, the Rumble Stick dives deep and grabs the attention of fish with their tight wobble. Bro also loves the multitude of colors available for the Rumble Stick, which ranges from match-the-hatch patterns to vivid custom paint themes. 
Visit the official Northland Fishing Tackle website to view their Rumble Crankbait Series (https://shop.northlandtackle.com/hardbaits/).
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