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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 11:08

A Closer Look at the Bending Branches Angler Pro

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It is genuinely surprising how many anglers pour a fortune into their kayak and fishing rods, but often default to the cheap paddle that they had laying around or got comped with the kayak. Some of the paddles that come with the kayak are, but often sellers just throw in a cheap Asian-made paddle to keep costs down while making the package look more attractive. 


Sponsored Post: If you look at your paddle as simply a pole for maneuvering your kayak, then you have definitely been missing out on all the advances that have been made in recent years and have yet to discover how useful a paddle really is. In a previous article, we have already covered the reasons why the arrival of pedal drives has by no means made paddles obsolete, but here’s a closer look at one of the paddles that really reinforces this point, the Angler Pro from Bending Branches.

A Trusted Pedigree

Bending Branches is a brand at the top of their game when it comes to paddles and this is especially evident when looking at their Angler Pro Kayak Fishing paddle. The fact that it is one of the paddles that most professional anglers use is not just marketing speak, it has won the Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year no less than five times already. Bending Branches has almost 40 years of experience when it comes to designing paddles, so it should come as no surprise that they know a thing or two about the process.

Designed By Experts

Anglers all have different preferences when it comes to their paddles and the Angler Pro is one of the few paddles that seem to check all the right boxes. It is hand-crafted in Osceola, Wisconsin, where all the Bending Branches products are manufactured . The input of people with a passion for the hobby and expertise in the field has definitely made a world of difference. 

A Closer Look

One of the reasons why the Angler Pro has consistently been voted as Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year is the amount of work that goes into the design. Each new update offers an improvement over the previous model, so the folks at Bending Branches are definitely not resting on their laurels. This is very evident in the weight of the paddle, which at 28.5oz (808 g), is 2 oz lighter than the previous version. It also means that the Angler Pro is much lighter than comparable paddles from other manufacturers. The lighter weight not only makes the paddle easier to transport, but also means less fatigue out on the water. 

It would have been easy to reduce the weight of the paddle by using flimsier material for the construction, but this is another area where Bending Branches was not willing to compromise. Instead, they use a 100% carbon shaft along with a multi-laminate fiberglass design for the blade. Despite the lighter weight, Bending Branches also managed to create a larger blade than previous generations, with a surface area of 105 square inches. The result is a more powerful and smooth forward stroke when paddling and the ability to cover more distance with less fatigue. Because of the oval shape of the shaft you also get plenty of comfort along with your grip. 

Packed With Features

In addition to being a great paddle, the Angler Pro comes with all the features you would expect from an award winning product designed for anglers. The Angler Pro series is available in two variations. You have the ones with a snug-fitting three hole snap-button ferrule, which gives you adjustable feather angles of zero degrees and sixty degrees, left or right hand control. Alternatively, there are the ones with the plus telescoping ferrule that expands 15cm in length and can adjust to infinite angles. Of course, the paddle also provides quick access to a tape measure that is 40 inches in length, to ensure that you can quickly verify all your catches. 

Eye-Catching Designs

Bending Branches didn't just lavish all their attention on the functionality of the Angler Pro either. It is available in sizes that range from 220cm to 260cm in 10 cm increments for the snap-button ferrule versions and adjustable lengths of 230-245cm and 240-255cm for the plus telescoping ferrule versions. The paddles also come in three eye-catching designs, so you can pick something that matches the rest of your gear. The new patterns were all designed by their ProStaff team, who are all very experienced kayak anglers. 


Bending Branches is a brand that is at the top of their game and, judging by the Angler Pro series, they are determined to stay there. The performance of this paddle can be a boon to any angler who values the quality and craftsmanship of their gear. 

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