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Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:57

2013 “Cruise” – Jackson Kayaks’ Ultimate Fly Fishing Platform?

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For 2013 Jackson Kayaks is introducing a new recreational / touring sit-on-top (SOT) kayak that they are calling the “Cruise”. At first glance, you might mistake the Cruise for the Jackson “Cuda 12”. While the overall hull design is very similar, there are several differences.

The Cruise has a much cleaner platform with a dry hatch, and is offered with the Elite seat with Hi-Lo™ seat as are the “Coosa”, both Cudas and the “Big Tuna”. The Cruise offers the same small tackle box storage area on the starboard and port sides of the Hi-Lo seat as do the Cuda 12 and 14.

While the Cruise does not come equipped as a fishing kayak, it is ready for fishing accessories to be mounted. Reviews by other kayak anglers who have paddled the Cruise are claiming this to be the best fly fishing platform from Jackson. With the stand-up assist handle it is very stable for standing, and other reports indicate that is very versatile from rivers to oceans. It is fast and tracks well.

Here are the specifications on the Jackson Kayaks Cruise:

  • Length: 12’3”
  • Width: 31.5”
  • Height: 13.5”
  • Weight: 68 lbs w/seat, 63 lbs w/o seat
  • Capacity: 350 lbs
  • MSRP: $899 USD


Although the Cruise might not be a intended as a “serious” fishing kayak, it will make a great introduction for anyone interested in kayaking or kayak fishing. If you are interested in the Cruise, visit the Jackson web site to locate your nearest Jackson dealer.

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Darrell Olson

Darrell Olson an avid Fisherman enjoys bait fishing, using a spinning rod, bait caster, fly fishing, and fishing challenges that come his way. While living in England he was recognized as the 1981 Master Angler from the Rod & Gun Clubs of Europe. He has been kayak angling for a little more than five years. He is one of the founders of the South Carolina Kayak Fishing Association’s monthly Meet and Fish events. He is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Lowcountry Kayak Anglers. For the past three years he has been participating in the Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) Kayak Tour for the Atlantic Division. Darrell is a member of the Jackson Regional Kayak Fishing Team, an Ambassador for Power-Pole and Raymarine. Darrell is also a member of the YakAngler Pro Staff and the YakAngler Will It Fish video series.




# inrll 2013-01-21 10:23
I noticed the Cruise is a 1/2 inch wider and 3 inches shorter. Is it a totally different hull from the Cuda 12? I was under the impression it was a Cuda 12 hull with a different topside.
# DDOlson 2013-01-21 17:06
Although the Cruise is slightly different the appearance of the hull closely represents the shape of the Cuda 12. For me the appearance of the hull closely represents that of the Cuda.
# Sunjammers 2013-02-25 21:37
We were under that impression to, until we actually saw one in person they are very simliar but defiantly different
+1 # 59Bassman 2013-01-28 04:43
Interesting boat. I'm fly-fish only, and I currently paddle a Cuda 14. I've commented before that the Cuda has a number of places to tangle fly lines unexpectedly, but I'd say that this boat is a little too far in the opposite direction for my taste. I think I'd miss some of the amenities that the Cuda has (such as horizontal rod holders). Still a nice looking boat. IMHO it looks a bit like a Ride with a better seat. :)
# Sunjammers 2013-02-25 21:36
Our 1st take on it when we unloaded the Semi was it was like the Ride, only with a much better seat. We've been waiting for a slow moment at the shop to rig one out and see what it can do!
# kayaksalt 2013-04-05 21:44
I just bought this kayak and it is awesome. I like that you can customize in from scratch. Its so stable that i end up standing up most of the time on it. I have only taken it on calm waters but ill test it out on the ocean within the month. Its a great kayak and also has a lot of room. I paid 900 for mine.
# Plan B 2013-06-12 21:24
I actually won this model in a Facebook contest and just took it out for the first time yesterday. Had a bit of a time getting used to the high seat position and standing for my first time in a Yak I was unstable. I will continue to practice with it though to get more comfortable. The low seat position is much better for paddling longer distances for sure.

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