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Friday, 26 April 2013 00:00

Rigging a Jackson "Cuda 14" for fishing

Last winter I picked up my brand new Jackson “Illuminati Cuda 14”. Between hockey practices and games, a Boondoggle, and building a new bed for my son I am finally (five months later) getting around to rigging for the coming fishing season. In 2012 I set my last Cuda up with a YakDaddy “Slider” that worked very well for me and made it a very versatile kayak. This year I decided to see if I could rig the new kayak by drilling or cutting as few holes as possible.

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I picked up my Jackson Kayak “Cuda" last week. After researching how I wanted to do my rigging, I’d like to share what I decided to do in case it helps anyone looking to do something similar.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 05:57

Barnstable Harbor Kayak Fishing

I met up with my friend Val Saturday morning down on Cape Cod, MA to fish Barnstable Harbor for some schoolie stripers. I had a friend from work along with me that had never sat in a kayak before or fished for stripers. Luckily, Scott is a seasoned steelhead angler from the Pacific Northwest, so it didn’t take long for him to pick it up.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012 00:00

Slider Install on a Jackson Cuda

While I was rigging my Jackson “Cuda” to chase some stripers, I found that while it was well rigged and very fishable from the factory, mounting accessories such as a fish finder and a rod holder was proving to be troublesome. There was plenty of room on the center hatch to mount these, but the Hi/Lo seat (one of the great parts of the Cuda) was making things difficult.

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