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Thursday, 10 September 2015 00:00

Louisiana Hooked!

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Pack & Paddle is known for being a great store for kayak fishing gear. People don’t always realize that it’s so much more than just a store. Pack & Paddle also hosts a lot of great trips, many of which recur throughout the year. One of the most popular recurring trips is called Louisiana Hooked, “LA Hooked” for short. It’s a guided kayak fishing trip for people interested in trying out kayaks before buying them - field testing, I guess.

Along with those who may have never paddled before, it is not uncommon to have anglers who already own their own kayaks come out, as well. It’s usually a great experience for all involved. xxxI recently had the opportunity to help guide one of these trips.

It had been about two months since the last time I’d fished Pointe Aux Chenes. The hot temperatures and crowded waters had me retreating to lesser-known areas. Sunday morning I met Ski Witkovski and Mr. Terry Hebert down at PAC Marina. There were seven people we would lead to different areas and try to let them experience catching redfish in a kayak. I was in my Jackson Kayak “Cuda 14”, Mr. Terry (a Hobie team member) was in his “Pro Angler”, and Ski was borrowing one of the store’s Hobie “Outbacks”.

As we loaded up headed out, we split up into different groups. I had a father and son duo, Damon and JP. They just moved to the Lafayette area from Pennsylvania and were used to bass fishing. Both were eager to find some reds, and JP wasted no time getting on the bite! I had them throwing Rapala “Skitterwalk®” right off the bat. JP hooked up with a small red, right around 15”.

We continued on. The destination I was taking them to was a grass flat that I knew about. I’d had success there in the past, and figured there was a good chance we’d find some quality fish there. We made another pit stop at a large island. I had us take different sections of the island. Topwater plugs and spoons were the lures of choice. JP and I chased some reds around a small pond for a few minutes. As he was heading out from the pond, he hooked up with what we’ll say was a ladyfish. I saw him fighting the fish, and then it got away, but his description sounded very ladyfish-like.

I exited the pond and continued around the north edge of the island. That’s where I hooked up with a 19” red.

I spoke with another angler also fishing in the area in a kayak. He had a few reds from early in the morning, but said they had shut down and he wasn’t having luck anymore. I moved on and met back up with Damon and JP. We trekked on a little further and began moving down a bank. We were pretty much at the spot. Damon hung behind for a few minutes to take a phone call, and JP started throwing his Skitterwalk® again. After having a fish swipe at my Heddon “Super Spook Jr.”, there was an explosion of water in front of JP. After a quick fight, he landed a 22-23” red! He then said, “Yeah, I’m hooked!”

Just then, we heard some “whooping”. Around the corner came Damon, who had also caught his first kayak red! His was on a spoon, and measured around 23.75”.

After the commotion died down, I decided to break out lunch. Side note: Pack & Paddle’s LA Hooked trips have lunch provided, which is prepared by Hub City Diner. As I ate, I heard JP shouting that he had another one. I paddled up to get a measurement for him. This one measured in around 25.5”, and it wasn’t long before he had another one on, around 25”.

The second of those was pretty cool. He noticed there was a disturbance on the surface of the water, and decided to cast there. It was well off the bank, but the grass beds under the surface provide great cover for redfish! Before he knew it, he was in for another Cajun sleigh ride!

As we continued on, it was coming near the end of our time out in PAC. Both guys caught one more each. JP’s was a throwback, but Damon’s was a small keeper.

They then decided to race back to PAC Marina!

We got back to discover that they had been the most successful on the trip. JP showed off his fish, while everyone got together for the group shot.

I had a great time helping out with this trip, and look forward to being able to contribute again!

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Eli Braud

The Bayou State is where I call home and it's freshwater bayous are where my addiction started. I have since migrated to the marsh and inshore fisheries where I hunt redfish & speckled trout primarily. I enjoy seeing others interested in the outdoors and am happy to help introduce others to the natural beauty of South Louisiana. I'm especially happy to help introduce new people to the sport of kayak fishing!
I enjoy working with a great company like Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, LA, that's main goal is to get people outside and in the outdoors. I also work on Pro Teams with Jackson Kayak, Werner Paddles, YakAngler, FINS Braided Line, and Breathe Like A Fish Performance Apparel. I author the BayouYakin.com blog and live in Morgan City, LA with my wife, Tracey, and son, Riv.

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