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Some anglers are fortunate and experience nice warm temperatures throughout the year, but not everyone is this lucky. While it is probably more sensible to stay indoors when cold weather strikes, it doesn’t have to be your only option.

Monday, 30 January 2017 14:40

Always Weigh Your Trash

Jeff Singleton recently embarked on his first winter smallmouth trip and caught something unwanted and unexpected. A trash fish. Or maybe not. He tells us all about it.

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I’ve always loved living on the Gulf Coast. Our summers are hot, but there’s always a beach or waterway nearby to help beat the heat. Spring provides great scenery in the swamps and fields as flowers begin to bring new life, and wildlife are back in full force! Autumn brings a crisp, cool relief to the summer heat, along with football, tailgating, and bonfires. Our winters are usually quite mild compared to the northern states.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 00:00

Mid-January Fishing in the Midwest

To say the least, we’ve had bizarre weather this winter. A couple of weeks ago, there was a high of 71°F at 4pm Sunday. Thirty-six hours later it was -3°F. Overall, it has been a colder-than-normal winter. Ice fishing started a little earlier than usual. While I’ve enjoyed a few days on the ice…

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Thursday, 09 January 2014 17:32

Spring Kayak Fishing In January

It’s 4:53am when I hear the back door open and shut very quickly. I’m in bed. I can hear my wife walk down the hallway, muttering about how cold it is outside. She’s a dairy farmer. She’s up each day at 1:50 am for the first milking. I ask her if she took a look at the thermometer when she left the dairy. “Ten below,” she says with disgust. She crawls in with me, puts her ice-cold feet on my warm legs, and I hop immediately out of bed. It’s time to go fishing.

Published in Mid Atlantic
Wednesday, 01 January 2014 20:00

Late December Fishing in Kentucky

December was a tricky month in the Bluegrass State. Big swings in temperature, snow, rain, and wind made kayak fishing tough. Winter is a favorite time for me to fish, for a couple of reasons. It is somewhat of a down time with me for school, and (best of all) there aren't many people on the water.

Published in East South Central
Thursday, 12 December 2013 13:15

Kayak fishing the freeze!

The two-day unseasonably warm spell ended today! The air temperatures dropped from 45°F at 8am to the upper 30s in a few hours while we fished! Overcast and cold, drizzling rain were the order of the day. A couple times I swear the rain turned to sleet in the afternoon. Water temperatures stood steady at 38°F and the water clarity was nice at about 4’. This was the first day of a predicted freeze that ended that night with snow and freezing rain.

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Sunday, 08 December 2013 19:42

Dead Drifting, Not Jerking

Last February accounted for more 20” river smallmouth in my trip report log than any month so far this year. I expect December to beat it. The pattern that works for so many big river smallmouth? To tell you “suspending jerkbaits over ledge trenches” would only tell you about 30% of the story. The other 70% - the important part - is how long between jerks. To be honest, unless the water is fairly stained, the jerks are inconsequential.

Monday, 31 December 2012 12:43

A Winter Large Mouth Trip in Kentucky

I had the chance to hit the water yesterday (December 28) and I wasn't going to miss it. Most people think I am crazy going out in freezing temperatures and chasing fish. I absolutely love winter fishing! The action is slow, but I love the challenge and how peaceful it is out on the water this time of the year. Although fishing is tough, the reward this time of year is usually bigger fish.

Published in East South Central
Monday, 19 December 2011 06:08

A much needed outing

Therapeutic. That's what today's kayak fishing trip was. I didn't tear them up. I only caught five fish. I had a run in with a pair of inconsiderate jerks who decided to fish on top of me. I felt I needed to stay within sight of the launch. I only had an hour and a half to fish. No matter. I needed to get out today after a little bout with walking pneumonia.

Published in West South Central
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