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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 15:26

November Midwest Kayak Fishing Report 2012

With an incredibly warm November there was an urge to keep getting outdoors and fish rather than storing equipment for the winter. The drought stricken lakes and ponds are still very fishable but most structure is above the water line these days. The fish seem to be hunkering around anything they can find for a winter roost and once the fishermen locate them it’s harvest time! It takes much more patience this time of year when retrieving the lure of choice. Although the days are “balmy” and warm the water has cooled with the nighttime drops in temperature to the low 30’s most of the time. A very slow retrieval will trigger an occasional fish to take a chance.

Published in West North Central
Sunday, 28 October 2012 10:14

October Midwest Fishing Report 2012

Some guys are pulling out there ice gear hoping for some freezing temps in the next few weeks that will ice over most ponds and smaller lakes. The upper Midwest is notorious for its fantastic ice fishing. But for now with lots of open water there is still plenty of opportunity to catch multiple species of fish. Despite the numerous cold fronts and dwindling daylight, those days in between that warm things up can get the Largemouth Bass going in the backwaters.

Published in West North Central
Monday, 27 February 2012 01:00

Buckets And Chains

Last weekend, I guided a friend to his personal best blue catfish. This weekend, I decided to play a little role reversal, and called local legend Forrest Short. Chain pickerel remained unchecked on the proverbial list, and Forrest's invitation to try his spots had stood for too long.

Published in Mid Atlantic
Thursday, 06 October 2011 02:00

3 Days Of Kayak Fishing

Although many of us would love to get out onto the water on kayak fishing on a daily basis, typically we might go 1 or twice a week… I was lucky enough this past weekend to hit the water three days consecutively. One of the days wasn’t really a weekend “There was an illness in the family that forced me to call in”.

Published in East South Central
Friday, 09 September 2011 08:02

World Record 2649 Fish In 24 Hours

A night kayak fishing op a few weeks ago lead to catching 30 trout on 34 casts on one dock light. At the time I thought, wow that was a pretty epic day. For some anglers 30 fish off one spot would be child’s play, not 2,649 fish, that’s more like it!

Published in Fishing Gear
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 01:00

"Fluttering" Crappies

Hang time. Michael Jordan had it in spades. Shaquille O'Neal-not so much. Leaves hang, flutter and fall on a warm autumn breeze. Acorns don't hang or flutter much at all, in fact, they pretty much drop like rocks. Ever try to catch an acorn midflight? How about a hailstone; ever catch one, say, square in the noggin?
Friday, 12 November 2010 06:13

Veterans Day On The Cumberland

Yesterday to celebrate Veterans Day, Samantha, Adam and I decided to hit the Cumberland River.  With the temperatures dropping we would meet up at Crackerbarrel at 8am, putting us on the Cumberland at around 11am.  The drive was long but sprinkled with flashes of excitement; Adam almost ran a pickup off the road trying to pass a Semi, Sam got car sick from my driving.
Published in Staff Blog
Saturday, 04 September 2010 02:00

Where to Find 'Em in the Fall

When you go fishing, if you want to catch a fish, it's really important that you put your bait where a fish lives. That might sound extremely basic, but the most basic concept of fishing is to fish where the fish are. You can have the nicest boat in the world, and you can have lots of expensive rods and reels and tackleboxes full of lures, but if you don't put your lure near a fish, all that other stuff is going to do you no good. Here are some ideas for finding different species of fish in the fall months throughout the Midwest.

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