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Tuesday, 28 April 2020 16:13

Absorbits Moisture Removal Bags Could Save Your Phone From Moisture Damage While Kayak Angling

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If you are a kayak angler then you should know by now to either get a waterproof phone or keep it in a waterproof pouch. 
However, if you still manage to get your phone wet somehow then a new product by Absorbits could be a lifesaver. Absorbits claims to be the first major advancement in moisture removal and dry storage for anything that does not get along with moisture, like phones. 
Normally if you drop a phone in water it's a race to get some rice to try and salvage the situation, but this is not exactly a practical solution when you are out in the middle of nowhere kayak angling. Absorbits aims to change this with their Absorbits pouches. The pouches are available in tablet, phone as well as watch/step tracker sizes and could potentially save your expensive electronic devices that end up in the water. Simply fish out the device, wipe it down as thoroughly as possible and then place it inside the Absorbits pouch. After eight hours you should be able to turn your device back on instead of having to go through the hassle of getting a replacement. You might have to pop it back in the pouch again if it got thoroughly soaked and is still not working, though.
The Absorbits moisture removal bags can also be used for other items, so head on over to their official website (https://absorbits.com/) to see what they have on offer. Their bags are re-usable and can be dried simply with a hairdryer, so they are very convenient.
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