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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 14:52

Keep Your Kayak and Gear Smelling Fresh With OZ by ScentLok

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Unpleasant odors are something that all kayak anglers have to deal with at some point. 
Unless you spend the time to thoroughly scrub down both your kayak and all your gear after every fishing trip there's no way to avoid them. Whether it's from live bait, fish slime or even mold and mildew that get trapped somewhere hard to reach, the outcome can be rather pungent. As with anything subjected to damp environments, kayaks and fishing gear is susceptible to bacteria, mold, and mildew. However, Scentlok believes that they have the solution to this problem with OZ.
By harnessing the powerful, natural deodorizing agent that is Ozone, OZ is able to quickly and effectively deodorize and refresh gear, spaces, and surfaces. Of course, ozone generators are not a new invention, but the ones that have been around for the marine market the past decade have all been too large and costly to be really practical. OZ by ScentLok Marine Active Odor Destroyers was designed for anglers and boaters and consists of the fully portable, rechargeable OZ Radial EZ and OZ Radial Nano ozone generators. Also, the new OZ NFuse Sprayer will be joining the lineup this June. 
The OZ Radial EZ is not just a powerful, all-in-one, portable, rechargeable ozone generator, but it can also charge your mobile devices via its built-in USB port. It's got a highly practical canister shape, so it can be placed in almost any cup or bottle holder, placed flat, on its side, or hung by the included tether strap. It works great for removing any fishy odors from your garage, truck, home or kitchen and can operate for more than eight hours on a single charge. 
For something more compact that can be used in smaller spaces, there's the OZ Radial Nano. It emits ozone in 360 degrees, has multiple operating modes via CycleClean technology and still has enough power to charge your mobile devices via USB. 
Last, but not the least, is the OZ Nfuse Sprayer that can be used to remove odors from fabrics and bacteria as well as viruses from surfaces. It injects ozone molecules directly into ordinary water, which turns it into a powerful, oxidizing cleanser. This makes it ideal for cleaning everything from live wells and fish boxes to bait storage containers, cutting boards, and more. Best of all, it doesn't use any harmful chemicals and since it is renewable you won't need multiple bottles of conventional disinfecting spray. 
Check out the official website at ozbyscentlok.com for more information about these handy products as well as the prices. 
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