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Monday, 10 February 2020 14:15

Kayak Angler Spends Almost 5 Hours Battling 500-pound Black Marlin

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We've heard about some incredible feats by kayak anglers, but the recent catch by Adam Fisk is definitely one for the record books. 
Adam became the talk of the kayak fishing community after he managed to ho hook an estimated 500-pound black marlin in front of a Panama fishing lodge, the same spot where you caught an estimated 450-pound marlin from his kayak last year. Of course, a Marlin of that size was not going to give up without a fight and when the dust settled it was almost 5 hours later and Adam found himself 15 miles from where it all began.
 Catching a huge Marlin from a kayak is not an easy feat and it took Adam about 4 hours and 37 minutes to reel it in close enough to touch the 15-foot leader to ensure that it is recognized as a catch. However, Adam wanted to make sure that the Marlin survived the experience, so he then handed the rod to another angler, Robert Field, who was on a boat. This is because Marlin has a reputation for putting up such a huge fight that they can die from exhaustion if anglers are not careful. It can easily happen even the angler has every intention of releasing the marlin unharmed. Adam knew that things would drag on for even longer if he continued from the kayak where it was impossible for him to physically put enough pressure on the marlin. However, even from the boat, it took another 90 minutes before the marlin could be wrestled close enough to cut it loose. In total the epic catch lasted more than six hours from start to finish.
Adam has a lot of experience with targeting marlin, but even with the right gear, he said that reeling in marlin is quite a feat from a kayak. He was very fortunate that Robert Field was able to capture the event on camera. Field, who operates a YouTube channel called YakFish TV, posted the video online where it is clear to see that the marlin is so large it dwarfed Adam in his kayak. Check out the spectacular video below and let us know in the comments or on the forum what your most intense experience has been while kayak fishing. One thing is for sure, this is not a catch that Adam Fisk is going to be forgetting any time soon.

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