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Monday, 21 January 2019 10:34

Kayak Fishing Fails To Learn From (Part One)

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As we all know, kayak angling is one of the greatest hobbies known to mankind and there is no better way to spend your free time. Unfortunately, it is also a hobby where it is all too easy to end up with an epic fail if you don't pay attention to what you are doing. 

While this can be life threatening in many cases, sometimes it is just plain embarrassing. Even worse, kayak angling is one of those hobbies where a lot of people have cameras with them, so you can be sure that if anyone makes a mistake, it is going to be captured on video and probably shared with the world. Here are just a couple of those epic fails, so check them out and learn from the mistakes of others to avoid ending up in a similar situation.

Fail 1: Not Timing Your Launch Properly

Anyone that has gone kayak fishing in the ocean knows how tricky an ocean launch from the beach can be, especially if you don't know the proper technique for making it through the surf zone. It's all about watching the timing of the waves and quickly paddling away from the shore. The group of anglers in the video below failed terribly at timing their launch and three of them ended up capsizing as a result. This video is also a good showcase of why you need a proper ocean kayak if you plan on fishing in the ocean. Most importantly, never get between your kayak and the beach in circumstances like this as it is one of the leading causes of injuries.

Fail 2: Not Exercising Caution Around A Dam

The water near a dam can make for a good fishing spot, but these areas are also extremely dangerous if you are not careful. It is all too easy to get caught up with your fishing and then not noticing when the water levels or flows changes, which can happen very quickly. Without situational awareness things can quickly get ugly as the angler in the video below discovered. Although he didn’t' notice what was happening until it was almost too late, he was able to get out of this scary situation and retrieve the $300 combo that he nearly lost.

Fail 3: Not Wearing Feet Protection

A lot of kayak fishing fails can be avoided by ensuring that you always have the right equipment and safety gear. The angler in the video below discovered this the hard way when he tried to reel in a mahi that he had hooked. Everything looked fine as the fish hit the jig three separate times, but with the final strike it spat the jig back out. Normally, this would have been a disappointment and not a fail, but in this instance the hook went straight into the foot of the unfortunate angler. Wearing a decent pair of wet shoes could have saved him a lot of pain.

Fail 4: Not Watching Out For Your Own Rod

There are few things as embarrassing or painful as getting smacked straight in the face with your own fishing rod. The cramped space on a fishing kayak can make it extremely challenging to reel in a big catch, which is why it is extremely important to pay attention to what is happening. You will also want to use the correct equipment for the environment in which you are angling or else you might end up damaged gear. There have been cases where anglers were knocked out of their kayaks after getting hit by their rods, which is also why it is so essential to wear your PFD.

Fail 5: Not Setting A Very Good Example For The Next Generation

If you are an avid kayak angler, then it is only natural that you would want your children to develop a passion for it too. This can be done by taking them with you when you go kayak fishing and teaching them the ropes. When doing so, it is important that you make use of all the necessary safety precautions and ensure that they are having a good time out on the water. In other words, don't do what the father in the video below has done. Instead of having fun, it looks like the poor child is just getting traumatized by the experience, which is exactly what you want to avoid. If the conditions are so bad that you are constantly getting knocked out of your kayak, it is probably a good idea to call it a day or head somewhere calmer.

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# Bert 2019-08-11 12:23
Wow. Dad in that vid w/ the poor kid. Complete failure. Dangerous and irresponsible.

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