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TOPIC: Solo Kayaking

Solo Kayaking 11 months 2 weeks ago #1

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Hello all!

New member here.

I've only been kayak fishing for about a month now. I have a few friends I usually go with, but some times it's just impossible to find a partner.

We have a few small creeks close by that are really fun. In these situations, when I can't get anyone to go, what would you recommend? Put in and then paddle up stream a bit? Or just go to a local lake/pond instead, Ha!? I've never really paddled up stream for long distances before, so not quote sure how that'd work out.

Any input for this rookie would be appreciated!
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Solo Kayaking 11 months 6 days ago #2

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If I was new to kayaking I wouldn't go stream or river fishing without a partner. I would recommend the pond or lake and ALWAYS wear a PFD. Also, if you go to a pond with a friend practice rolling over and re-entry until you have it down pat...

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Solo Kayaking 10 months 3 weeks ago #3

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Agree that I wouldn't go into a river or fast flowing stream. I just started solo kayaking myself and it is always on a lake, preferably one with other boats. I always have a PFD, whistle and check in more frequently so that my wife also has peace of mind.
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Solo Kayaking 10 months 2 weeks ago #4

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I go a lot alone but in rivers I have someone stage a truck down stream.
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