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TOPIC: Help choosing scope for Remington 700 5r.

Help choosing scope for Remington 700 5r. 7 months 2 weeks ago #1

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Hello everyone,

I’m looking to purchase my first piece of glass and was hoping to get some suggestions. I searched the forum, but couldn’t seem to find a thread related to this topic. I am new to the forum, so perhaps I missed it.

The scope will be for a Remington 700 5R mil-spec .308 with a threaded barrel. As far as distance, I’m new to this so I’m sure the rifle will be able to shoot further than me for awhile. I’m attempting to set up the rifle as close to an m24 as possible since they both use the 5r barrel. I would like to set up it like an m24 sniper rifle would be, but It will primarily be used for target shooting, with the hopes of someday being able to go 850 - 1000 feet. Maybe hunting, but I think the setup will be to heavy to be practical for that.

I’m looking to get the best possible scope for long range target shooting and tough enough to handle get knocked around if I were to go hunting with it. I’m considering the NightForce scope. Either the NX8 4-32X50 F1, B.E.A.S.T. 5-25X56 F1, or ATACR 7-35×56 F1. I realize that these may be over kill, but I’d rather have a scope that I can grow into and use on future rifle set ups. The only limitations for the scope would be the limitactions of the rifle, which I‘m certain most of you know more about that than I do.

thanks for any help you could provide. I really appreciate anyone who can take the time to let me know the best option.
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Help choosing scope for Remington 700 5r. 7 months 2 weeks ago #2

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NightForce are well respected scopes. The M24 used a Leupold 10X fixed power 40mm (I believe).

I think you meant 850 to 1,000 yards or meters. WAY out of my league. I shoot a .260 REM (.308 necked down to 6.5mm) and where I hunt seldom get any openings over 250 yards. I like a 3-9x, 40mm variable power and have very good things to say about the Nikon scopes I have used on that and my single-shot .223 REM.

Note that if you look towards the Vortex scopes be sure to get a torque wrench and pay close attention to their recommended ring screw tightness. It is less than most. I know several guys who crushed Vortex tubes . . . though to their credit they replaced them free of charge.
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