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Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments. New fishing kayaks come into the market almost daily and we keep our database of angler kayaks updated. If we missed a kayak our readers can easily add it to our database of fishing kayak reviews.

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Eddyline C-135 Stratofisher YakAttack Edition
5.0 (1)
July 26, 2017   8969   0   1   0   0
Eddyline Kayaks might not have been a big name in the world of kayak fishing, but this changed with the release of their award winning C-135 Stratofisher YakAttack Edition. Its price, which is more than $2,500, isn’t for the faint of heart or tight of wallet, but most owners would say that it is worth it. The C-135 is thermoformed and weighs in at 69 lbs, which makes it lighter than kayaks that favor a heavy polyethylene construction. Despite its light weight, it can handle a capacity of up to 450 lbs and has a length of 13'5”. The...
wavewalk 500
4.0 (9)
June 24, 2013   44142   0   3   0   0
The "500" series by Wavewalk kayaks has been touted as the world’s most stable fishing kayak. Its twin hulls provide unsurpassed stability, superior tracking in strong wind and the safety and confidence for all anglers new and old to stand up and fish. The 500 series has many variants to fit the causal paddler and hard core kayak angler.
Wilderness Systems Overview - The Radar
3.7 (2)
April 20, 2017   15012   1   1   0   0
The 135 is part of the Radar series by Wilderness Systems, which is kayaks with paddle, power and pedal capabilities. The Radar 135 is basically an upgrade of the popular Ride 135 and for the hull uses the same Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness and Tracking Technology or S.M.A.R.T. as the Attack series. It is a kayak that is designed to give you great performance in different types of water environments and it is also very versatile in terms of what you can equip it with. The Radar 135 is actually one of the first kayaks...
Hobie Revolution 11
3.1 (2)
September 03, 2013   16364   0   1   0   1
Modeled after the popular Hobie Revolution 13, the “Revolution 11” sports a fast-yet-stable hull, Hobie’s innovative MirageDrive, generous belowdeck stowage, myriad on-deck lashing opportunities and an optional sailing kit, giving you the ability to go whenever the mood strikes. The Revolution 11’s lightweight hull rewards energy input with quick acceleration and her tight turning radius allows you to adroitly stalk fish and confidently explore reefs. Ideal for small-to-midsize kayakers.    
Eddyline Caribbean 12
3.8 (2)
June 17, 2013   17237   0   1   0   0
With many outfitting options, the Eddyline Kayaks “Caribbean 12 ” is popular amongst kayak anglers. The Caribbean 12 tracks well and turns on a dime. The cockpit and tank well drain effectively thanks to the seat bottom being positioned over the foot well. Kayak fishermen will love the hulls high gloss finish and ultra tough UV-resistant Carbonlite material.
Wilderness Systems Ride 135
4.5 (10)
December 05, 2011   45302   0   10   0   2
The Wilderness Systems "Ride 135" Kayak is a unique, pontoon-style hull offers unmatched stability for anglers. Stand up and enhance your visibility or increase casting distance with ease. From flat to surf to small water, The Ride 135 has the innovations anglers have been demanding, like the tool-less SlideTrax accessory system, the large rear tank well, and the easy to access front and mid-ship Orbix hatches. The AirPro Freedom Elite seating system, new for 2013, adds comfort and easy adjustability. Every detail has been fine-tuned; from the wider, flatter standing platform, to beefed-up outfitting, to an...
Native Watercraft "Versa Board Angler"
2.2 (1)
February 10, 2017   6525   1   1   0   0
The Versa Board Angler is a hybrid paddleboard/kayak, but if you prefer something more comfortable than the seat that is molded into the hull you can fit it out with an optional kayak seat that is sold separately. The board features extra built-in volume to improve stability, which means you can retain your footing while stalking, casting and fighting the fish. This board has a factory rigged central Groove Track and a spring-loaded drop skeg. Although it lacks integrated rod holders, these can be added easily thanks to the mounting rails. The stability of this board makes it a...
Perception "Pescador Pilot"
4.5 (2)
March 17, 2017   12733   1   1   0   0
The Pescador range from Perception Kayaks should be well known to anglers and the Pilot is the newest member of the lineup. The name derives from the Pilot Drive pedal system and according to Perception the purpose of this kayak is to deliver big performance without the associated big price tag. Thanks to the Pilot Drive this is a kayak that enables you to cruise all day without much effort. The Pilot also features Turbo Flaps for noise reduction,which has the added benefit of keeping turbulence under the kayak to a minimum too. Thanks to...
Field and Stream Eagle Run
3.8 (5)
April 25, 2015   31968   0   1   0   0
Kayak anglers looking for a great fishing kayak that is under the $600 mark should check out the Field & Stream "Eagle Run" fishing kayak. This kayak comes packed with features like integrated cup holders, rod holders and adjustable backrest. The Eagle Run can hold up to 500lbs and is easy to haul at only 60lbs. 
Cabela's Advanced Anglers™ 120 Fishing Kayak
3.8 (1)
December 11, 2017   40902   0   1   0   0
There is always a risk when buying products from big name brands like Cabela’s that most of the money is simply for the brand and doesn’t reflect the actual quality. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with their Advanced Anglers 120 Fishing Kayak. The most noticeable thing about the Advanced Anglers 120 is the extra-wide tri-hull design that it sports. It gives the kayak a rather bulky look, so any anglers looking for something sleek will probably not appreciate the Advanced Anglers 120. However, the design does contribute towards the stability and speed of the kayak, so...
Santa Cruz Raptor Sit On Top
4.0 (4)
November 24, 2014   15634   0   1   0   0
The Santa Cruz "Raptor Sit On Top" is the perfect offshore fishing kayak. With a bow that is pointed the cut right through waves and push spray away from the angler. Even with all this big wave cutting power the Raptor stays extremely stable with its wide stern. The narrower width in front of the angler allow for much easier paddling letting anglers get to the fish without fatigue. 
Perception "Pescador 10 Angler"
3.9 (3)
December 07, 2015   20088   0   1   0   1
Kayak anglers looking for a great fishing kayak for lakes, ponds and small rivers should check out the "Pescador 10 Angler" kayak. It is easy to transport but still stable enough for larger paddlers. A high performance, feature rich boat that's great in value and perfect for your next angling adventure.
Feelfree Lure 10
4.0 (1)
July 09, 2010   20374   0   1   0   4
Feelfree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level in comfort, stability, and versatility with the new 2014 Lure. The "Lure 10" is the smaller more compact brother of the Lure 11.5 and is excellent for shorter trips on rivers and lakes without comprising features.
Eddy Gear Stingray XL
5.0 (3)
October 07, 2016   15161   0   1   0   1
EDDY-Gear Stingray XL Kayak with its extra wide hull offers unmatched stability for anglers. From flat water, too ocean surf, too small water, the Stingray XL has all the features anglers demand like extra rod holders, ex-large rear tank well, foot controlled rudder system, easy to reach front and rear hatches, and a center console for additional storage with a lid to mount additional equipment. The Stingray XL track extremely well, is very stable, and with the included rudder, you will save energy on long paddles, windy days or in strong currents. A great stable kayak for avid fishing...
316 results - showing 15 - 28  
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