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Native Watercraft "Slayer 12"
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October 22, 2012    
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2 Weeks and a Native Slayer 12

I picked up a sand Slayer 12 and took it that next day for a paddle on St. Andrews Bay, it was windy and I knew there wouldn’t be any fish but I wanted to see how this kayak handled rough conditions and with the bay being choppy I knew it would be interesting. I set out with the seat in the high position, I suddenly had great appreciation for the much improved visibility vs. sitting in the lower position that a majority of kayaks come in. After about an hour of paddling around and throwing out some lines I was enjoying this kayak. But the wind was more than I felt like dealing with so I headed in.

After taking the kayak out and giving it a good look over I will have to say my top three favorite parts of this kayak are that the deck and sitting area are clean very clean with lots of open space and flat decking made me wish I had a fly rod on this kayak. Second is the seat its comfortable in both the high and low position and stays put when needed and moves out of the way by flipping straight back when standing. Third (and this is coming from a wilderness systems owner) is that it has tracks for rigging both forward and rear tracks make it great for quickly moving adding or removing rod holders, camera mounts and basically any other track mounted accessory that could be mounted.

Once the weekend rolled around it was time to get to the creeks and the flats. This is where the Slayer shinned with it’s high seat and standing capability. I was able to use the built in tackle box holders on each side of the seat to hold all the tackle that I was going to be using for this adventure which made for even less clutter in the kayak. I went out and started fishing and all was going well my only complaint is that it is not a fast kayak but it is fast enough. If more speed is what you are looking for then I would try the Slayer 14.5 but this kayak proved to be a fishing machine and when the weather permit’s I would love to take it offshore for some big time fishing.

After spending two weeks testing this kayak and about five times on the water I can say this is a solid top of the line fishing kayak. My only cons for this kayak are the scupper holes are massive which is good when getting water out but bad when it starts to come in. Second, the wheel that comes with the kayak for making it easier to move is great if you are on a paved surface but falls short on any non-hard pact surface. My line also caught in it a few times but that is an easy fix since it is removable. The final con of this kayak is that it does not have a paddle holder on the side for holding things such as a paddle or a stake out pole. Most of the issues that I found with this kayak can all be fixed with a little bit of rigging and making it your own and once that is done this kayak is going to be one of the best fishing platforms on the market.

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Clean deck, lots of gear tracks, very stable, awesome seat
No internal storage,
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