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DragonFly SUP
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December 19, 2015    
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DragonFly 13.6 Fishing Paddle Board

Had an opportunity to borrow this SUP and test it in many conditions. Wish I could borrow or rent other brands for complete comparison as I find that a 30 minute demo and a sale pitch just don't do it for me.

First impression that beast is heavy and a PIMA to hump to & fro then Load unload, compared to my 38 pound canoe.
Dead calm at my house when I loaded, When I got to the launch site the weather pretictions by Wunderground and AirPor certainly were wrong it was a good 15+ SE.. on a normal day I would have packed it in and headed home. But decided to launch and test ride the DragonFly in thewinds. I learned a lot about the board in these conditions
Board is listed at 44 pounds but I'd say closer to 50. I suspect the specs are without the sea-deck foam padding and the dry hatch, plus the optional shallow water fin is a couple pounds heavier than the standard surf-board style fin. I used the Malone cart to hump it to the water, but manhandled it back. Loading on the roof is not easy single handed, at least not for a disabled paddler with a bad heart and very little upper body strength. Used the bathmat method load the bow, lean it on, then lift the stern and slides easily on my racks.

The DragonFly rides like its not even there on the roof, compared to the canoe.

Launching is similar to a kayak or canoe. There is an optional cooler/dry-box that mounts using a thumbscrew on the rear 1/3rd section, this one has 2 Scotty mounts and a paddle holder attached. I have 2 rod holders in the Scottys. This acts as a simple seat, raised standing platform, rod holder, and also I keep all my tackle stuff inside that on the canoe or kayak I kept in a crate.

Paddling into the winds was not a pleasure sitting or standing with the SUP paddle, paddle much better seated using a double bladed paddle into the winds. Poling with the SUP paddle is a dream compared (where water depth is less than 2') to paddling, and if using a 12' push pole is even better. Letting the board drift it turns and drifts downwind straight as an arrow, that fin really works.
On several other trips I've used the board in glas calm and light breeze conditions and it handles all conditions as well or better that a canoe and most fishable kayaks.

Board is super stable, I did not fall or make an exit into the water at all and never felt as if I would. Could easily walk from the cooler forward all the way to the bow. While standing maybe a foot back from the tip of the bow the stern is high enough (I weigh 165) that the board turns 180 degree's and drifts stern first downwind. Standing about a foot behind the cooler the stern dips in the water but still remains stable as a dock. Very stable standing or sitting, getting up and down, or turning around on the board to face and make a cast in the opposite direction.

This board has a V-entry bow with a bow similar to a flats boat, so acts like a displacement hull rather than a planing hull of the flat surf-board style paddle board.

Was also able to get up into the very skinny water with the optional shallow water fin, not quite as shallow as the canoe, but for sure as skinny as need be to fish, less than my ankle depth without dragging the fin.

For my style shallow water inshore flats stand-up sight fishing, this is a great fishing platform. At mid 40 pound weight range its lighter than the lightes kayaks available.

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Quiet and Stable
Average paddling
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