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Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments. New fishing kayaks come into the market almost daily and we keep our database of angler kayaks updated. If we missed a kayak our readers can easily add it to our database of fishing kayak reviews.

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Ascend D12
1.7 (4)
April 23, 2013   25377   0   1   0   0
The Ascend "D12" Angler Kayak gives kayakers the comfort, stability, and performance they want out on the water. This specially designed 12' kayak starts with a custom crafted tunnel hull that delivers improved static and dynamic lateral stability serious kayakers want out on the water! This specialized hull design provides solid directional tracking for easy paddling and increased speed, excellent load carrying ability, and good reserve buoyancy and longitudinal damping of any pitch motion in rough water.
Wilderness Systems ATAK
4.5 (2)
April 25, 2015   53263   2   5   0   1
Kayak anglers looking for a fishing kayak designed from the ground up to so solve all their needs should take a hard look at the Wilderness Systems "A.T.A.K" or Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak. Wilderness Systems took all the best features from their "Thresher" and "Ride MAX" series kayaks into a low profile fast paddling kayak with a large open fishing cockpit. The A.T.A.K strikes that hard to find balance between speed and standing stability that all kayak fishermen have longed for. 
Native Watercraft "Slayer Propel 12 LT"
1.0 (1)
February 10, 2017   13960   0   1   0   0
At about 6 lbs lighter than the Slayer Propel 13, the Slayer Propel 12 LT is great for anglers who want a Propel kayak, but without adding too much weight. The Propel 12 LT was designed for fishing, so it comes standard with flush-mounted rod holders and groove tracks. Obviously the Propel Pedal Drive system gives you more control as you can go forward or reverse without having to use your hands. It is also a very quiet kayak, which is another plus for anglers. Its handling is very graceful thanks to a sharp entry and flare in the...
4.0 (1)
February 08, 2017   9120   0   1   0   0
The Manta Ray Angler promises a stable ride and ideal performance in rivers or flat water. This 12’ model is the most popular length in the range as it features a manageable size along with plenty of speed and enough storage space. Getting on or off is very convenient while still remaining very comfortable thanks to the DVC seating that drains. This kayak also comes complete with two Sea Dog flush mounts along with a deck-mounted paddle holder. In addition, the Tag-Along Wheel makes the process of transporting the kayak over any type of terrain much easier. ...
Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS
2.6 (1)
October 03, 2017   12780   0   1   0   0
The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS is the a slightly bigger version of the original Journey 10 SS sit-inside fishing kayak. In addition to being slightly longer at 12’, the Journey 12 SS also loses half an inch in width with 29 1/2” compared to the 30” of the 10 SS. It is only 4 lbs heavier, at 48 lbs, but ups the capacity from 250 lbs all the way to a whopping 395 lbs. So, if you are looking at additional capacity and more legroom, then the Journey 12 SS is definitely worth the upgrade over the 10...
Ascend H12 Sit-In Hybrid
0.0 (0)
November 08, 2017   15830   0   1   0   0
Traditionally, when it comes to fishing kayaks you have a choice between sit-in and sit on top, each with their own pros and cons. However, if you really can’t decide between the two, then a hybrid like the Ascend H12 might help you with your dilemma. It offers the best of both worlds and the result is a kayak that makes for a superb fishing platform. The H12 is 12'0” in length, while its width measures in at 32 inches. It has an average weight of 76 lbs, but can hold up to 450 lbs. With a cockpit opening...
NRS Pike
4.0 (2)
April 09, 2012   28997   0   3   0   0
Equally at home in rough whitewater as it is in smooth mountain lakes or saltwater bays, the NRS “Pike” is an inflatable kayak built with heavy-duty abrasion resistant PVC to take fishing abuses. At the end of the day, it can be stored in the trunk of a car, or even a closet. Three Scotty mounting points allow for fishing customization.
Vibe Kayaks SeaGhost 130
5.0 (9)
March 02, 2015   71314   0   17   0   6
Vibe Kayaks "Sea Ghost" 130 Kayak with its extra wide hull offers unmatched stability for anglers. From flat to surf to small water, the Sea Ghost 130 has all the features anglers demand like extra rod holders, large rear tank well, foot controlled rudder system, easy to reach front and rear hatches, and a center console for additional storage with a lid to mount additional equipment. The Sea Ghost 130 tracks extremely well, is very stable, and with the included rudder, you will save energy on long paddles, windy days or in strong currents. A great stable kayak for...
NuCanoe Frontier 12
4.3 (14)
July 25, 2012   114671   0   14   0   5
In the NuCanoe “Frontier 12” you can do things your way... a better way! Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Position the seats anywhere along the 70" Freedom Track. Face the action with 360° Mobility. And don’t just stand, walk with confidence on the 20" wide Cast & Blast Deck. Check Price  
Native Watercraft "Ultimate 12"
4.2 (5)
November 29, 2009   47976   0   5   0   2
The Native Watercraft "Ultimate 12 Basic" offers the unique Ultimate Tunnel Hull, known for its stability and open design, with the Air-Lite seat and basic foot braces. This is the perfect vessel for anyone looking for simple comfort, or for someone who wants to dress out a boat from the water up and make it completely their own. Performance Promise, stable ride sitting or standing, comfortable support for rear end and lower back, ideal for flat water and up to Class II rivers, and tons of available accessories.
LIVE Watersports L2Fish
3.5 (2)
April 26, 2015   19460   1   2   0   0
The LIVE Watersports "L2Fish" combines the best of both worlds, you get the speed of a racing board with the ultimate stability of a dedicated fishing SUP. The L2Fish is fast, stable, and versatile allowing you to not only fish from it but dive, hunt, and anything else you can think of. 
Native Slayer Propel 13
4.8 (4)
April 20, 2016   11146   0   0   0   0
Native Slayer Propel 13 Hidden Oak
Old Town "Vapor 12 Angler"
4.2 (1)
March 17, 2017   8546   0   1   0   0
The Vapor 12 Angler is a fast and surprisingly stable kayak that offers anglers a smooth ride along with plenty of room. Despite all of this, the kayak is still light enough that transporting it around shouldn’t take too much effort. Despite a lack of dry compartments, the Vapor 12 Angler features plenty of space to store items. In addition to the day well on the back of the kayak, it also has an open cockpit with more than enough storage space in front of you. Comfort comes in the form of the adjustable comfort...
Future Beach Cayman
3.7 (3)
April 25, 2015   15356   0   1   0   1
Reel one in from your Future Beach "Cayman" 124 10'4" Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak. Designed for paddling through calm waters, this fishing kayak is built for one person and includes two rod holders so you're prepared when the fish bite. The deluxe, easy rider seat keeps you comfortable for a day of fishing and riding on the water. Storage is easy on your Future Beach® ride, with an accessory mount rail and cam lock bow hatch!
316 results - showing 1 - 14  
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