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Sunday, 25 July 2021 10:40

New Daiwa Jerkbait Features One-Of-A-Kind Design

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Jerkbaits have a proven track record when it comes to catching multi-species fish. However, Daiwa is not afraid to shake things up with a radical new take in jerkbait design.
It is called the Steez Custom HMKL Minnow, and the design is the result of research and testing by renowned Daiwa tackle designer Kazuma Izumi.
Initially, the HMKL's design was based on the universal profile of minnows. Still, Izumi took things even further by choosing the right material, coating, lip design, figure, and size. The design was kept simple to appeal to universal forage bases of various different types of minnows and juvenile fish. Izumi stated that Daiwa has always focused on creating lures that look and act realistically. He added that they are now also tackling the additional challenges of exploring color and action combinations that effectively provoke predatory fish. 
Izumi believes that leaner lures are more effective in challenging fishing situations, so he opted for an incredibly lean design for the HMKL's body. According to Izumi, the ultimate goal with this jerkbait was to create something that could blow the competition away with its lean profile, action, and form while allowing users to catch more fish. 
One of the unique features of the bait is its unique weight transfer system. It has SaqSas swivels on the front and back to reduce fish coming off. Another first-ever for a jerkbait is its circuit board carbon fiber bill, which is very durable and won't chip. The circuit board will function as a rudder of a boat and keeps the bait's action accurate and precise at all times. Since it is extremely sharp, it also allows the bait to cut the water accurately to ensure it gets where it needs to be. 
With its SaqSas weight transfer system, the HMKL casts like a bullet. This is thanks to the small tungsten weights, which also allow the bait more balance under the water. In addition, the internal counter buoyance weight stabilizes the bait without any unnecessary noise. Rounding out the design is a pair of quality stainless steel SaqSad treble hooks. 
Daiwa's HMKL is not the only realistic-looking jerkbait on the market, but it promises to be one of the best when it comes to being tuned perfectly for summoning many bites. It's not just effective on bass either but also prolific on walleyes, trout, and pike. The MSRP for the Daiwa HMKL is $25.99. 
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