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Wednesday, 28 July 2021 11:20

Daiwa Announces New Premium Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept

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Daiwa made a splash in the fluorocarbon line market a few years back with the release of their Samurai J-FLuoro.
The Japanese developed and manufactured fishing line left monofilament in its dust remains a firm favorite amongst saltwater anglers. With a narrower diameter, abrasion resistance, better transmitted strikes, reduced line memory, and the ability to cast further, to name just a few, monofilament really couldn’t compete. Best of all, the line was also less visible to fish. Recently, Daiwa has announced that they were ready to change the paradigm of fluorocarbon again with the release of Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept. 
Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept was designed to aggregate all the principal features of the original product while also taking perceptibility to a new tier. The goal was to virtually eliminate its visual presence in the water column. While conventional fluorocarbon line reduces refraction, especially in comparison to old-school monofilament, there is still a degree of illumination due to light being able to travel down the filament. However, this is not the case with Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept, thanks to the technologically advanced color blending of the line. Since it features repeated sequences of four shades of brown and green, refraction and light traveling through the line are negated, causing it to fade into the background. 
Traditional clear fluorocarbon is excellent for clear water but is no match for Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept in all other water conditions. Seeing as most bodies of water present some degree of coloration, this is quite important. Whether used in murky backwaters to minimally tined water Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept excels when it comes to camouflaging the line. 
Daiwa has also highlighted the other benefit of their new fishing line. The fact that underwater environments are not linear means nothing starts at the surface and travels to the bottom on a straight line. This often means that the fishing line is the weakest link when it comes to fooling fish since it sticks out like a sore thumb. The new line blends seamlessly by breaking up against waterscapes to ensure that it won’t stick out. 
Color Blending Technology
Four Sequential/Repeating Shades of Green and Brown
Low Diameter
Abrasion Resistant
Low Stretch
Low Memory 
Daiwa Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept is available in 220-yard filler spools from $23.99 - $54.99 and 1,000-yard bulk spools from $64.99 - $199.99, and weights ranging from 2-25lb test.
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