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Wednesday, 05 August 2020 07:40

Daiwa Reintroducing Their SC Shad Crankbait

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There's no denying that freshwater shad is one of the most copious baitfish that there is. 
Every angler should know what they look like and every fish definitely does. It also means that most anglers will have more than enough shad-style hardbody baits in their arsenal too as the marketplace is overwhelmed with them. The sheer amount of available shad baits hasn't deterred Daiwa who are returning to the fishing market and reintroducing their SC Shad. According to Daiwa, this prolific and petite shad-style crankbait is unlike any other.
The SC Shad is not just a dead ringer for the real thing but also features a signature wobble to help sell the illusion. It's not the only realistic looking shad-style bait on the market, but Daiwa has made sure to tune this one to perfection. Daiwa's SC Shad is 2 inches in length and weighs 1/8 ounce to make it a match for adolescent shad. These are a mainstay forage for freshwater gamefish and makes the bait almost irresistible. Since young shad often ball-up just beneath the surface the SC Shad also only dives to 1- to 2-feet on the cast and modestly deeper when trolled.
Another aspect that Daiwa has paid close attention to with this bait is how it casts. They have added an internal counter buoyancy sound weight, which stabilizes it and adds an alluring sonic rhythm. Finally, they have also made sure that the pair of VMC #12 treble hooks are up to the task of setting the fish.
To maximize running depth and sensitivity Daiwa recommends 6- or 15-lb. test J-Braid and X8 braided line. These should ideally be paired with an 18- to 24-inch J-Fluoro fluorocarbon leader.
The SC Shad is available in several different colors and you can pick whether you want something natural or prefer your baits to be eye-popping. For matching native forage it's best to stick with Prism Shad, Rainbow Trout, Himenmasu, and Crystal Black Pearl. However, for bait that demands to be seen, you can't go wrong with Gold Orange and Bubble Gum.
It's not just largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass that can't resist SC Shad either as it is also prolific on walleyes, trout, and outsized panfish. Check out the official Daiwa website (https://www.daiwa.com/us/) for more information on their products or to find your nearest dealer where you can grab the SC Shad for an MSRP of $7.99.
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