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Tuesday, 07 July 2020 07:56

Z-Man CrossEyeZ ChatterBait Is Not Just Another Chatterbait With A Fresh Coat of Paint

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Z-Man has recently unveiled their CrossEyez Chatterbait, which is a new all-terrain bladed jig designed by bass pro David Walker. 
With nearly 2-million dollars in bass competition winnings, Walker knows a thing or two about catching fish and it's mostly due to never being entirely satisfied with a lure right out of the pack.
Walker has stated that the ChatterBait has been a proven bass tour commodity for almost two decades now, but although its value in vegetation is undisputed he wanted more. It is this desire to fish in timber, cypress knees, laydowns, around marinas, and under dock structures that have led him to work on different designs. In pursuit of the perfect design, Walker spent a lot of time matching the right hook, jighead, skirt, and component parts for a ChatterBait that not only catches fish but is also snag-resistant.
According to Walker, he wasn't happy until he boated over 75 bass on the final prototype, which has been turned into the CrossEyez ChatterBait. It is a highly-developed bladed jig that is built for true all-terrain fishing. While it borrows the proven ChatterBait Jackhammer blade, it was designed entirely from the ground up. The use of totally customized, deeply vetted components means that it is not just another Chatterbait with a fresh coat of paint. Walker pointed out that the CrossEyeZ ChatterBait features its own tournament-winning action and vibration. It is also designed so that its blade, jighead terminal connections, skirt, and hook all work together in harmony. One of the features that he is most proud of is that it doesn't have a standard jig brushguard with a pile of stiff fibers. Instead, it has a totally adjustable, coated, multi-strand wire brushguard, which means it deflects cover like a dream. Since you can re-bend the guard over and over again without the wires breaking off it can be customized for every situation.
Daniel Nussbaum, president of Z-Man, has also praised Walker for being one of the most hands-on and meticulous anglers they work with when it comes to lure design. He added that because no detail goes overlooked it makes a huge difference in the fish-catching qualities of all the baits that they work on together.
Angling enthusiasts won't have to wait too long before they can get their hands on this snag-resistant ChatterBait as the Z-Man CrossEyez will be landing at outdoor retailers in early August. They will be available in 3/8-, ½- and ¾-ounce sizes and ten elite color patterns with a competitive price of $9.99 each. Be sure to visit www.zmanfishing.com for more information.
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