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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 14:26

How Good Are You At Managing Your Fishing Lines?

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If there is one thing that a lot of kayak anglers overlook, it is managing their lines.

Sponsored Post: Everyone knows that a kayak is the best way to catch fish, but there are a couple of advantages that anglers who stick to solid ground have. It is certainly much easier in terms of loading your gear and getting to your favorite fishing spot as well as the freedom to take along as much equipment as your vehicle can carry. However, all of this just means that kayak anglers have become smarter in terms of how they approach this hobby and more efficient when it comes to their gear.

Fishing from a kayak allows you to do pretty much anything you could from the shore; you just need a little more skill, balance and perseverance to do it effectively. If there is one thing that a lot of kayak anglers overlook, it is managing their lines. The focus is always on paddling, safety, casting, reeling in the catch and handling it in a safe manner, but without proper line management things can go pear shaped very quickly. To avoid disaster and unnecessary frustration, here are a couple of essential line management skills you should ideally have before venturing out in your kayak.

Tying Knots

It goes without saying that if you are unable to tie proper knots you are in for a tough time whether you are in a kayak or fishing from the banks, and no, being able to tie your shoelaces doesn't mean you'll be able to make a proper knot when fishing. Do you know your Palomar Knot from your Hangman's Knot? Can you tie a Surgeon's Knot or know how to perfect an Improved Clinch Knot? Are you familiar with the Berkley Braid Knot or do you prefer the Nanofil Knot? If not, it's probably time to watch a couple of tutorials and brush up on your knot tying skills before it costs you a prize catch. Go check out the fishing knots on the Animated Knots website to get you started. You'll need to practice on the water as well as tying a knot in the cramped confines of a moving kayak is not an easy task. Knowing how to tie the best knot for the job will ensure that you have far less stories to tell about "the one that got away."

Threading A New Line

Getting your hook into the mouth of a fish is step one, but it is also important that it stays there until you have reeled it in. This is where knowing how to tie a proper knot comes in handy, but you are also going to have to know how to thread your hook efficiently. A lot of overconfident anglers have ended up with their hooks at the bottom of a lake or embedded in their finger when trying to thread it while bobbing around in a kayak. The curses of anglers struggling to get a hook threaded in low light or windy conditions are also known to have been heard reverberating around fishing spots. A lot of this hassle can be avoided by checking first to make sure that all the old line or debris has been cleared from your hook before trying to attach a new line. Don't be the angler who is trying in vain to jam a line through an eyelet that is completely clogged.

Cutting And Crimping

Sure, anyone can cut a fishing line, but unless you have teeth like Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me, you are going to have to remember to bring along your tools for the job. You could probably get away with chomping through very light line, but for the heavier stuff it is better to come prepared if you value your smile. Remember, tooth enamel cannot be replaced, so why risk the inconvenience and pain? Then there is split shot, which is great for adding weight to your fishing line, but useless if you don't have a crimping tool to attach them. Having the right tools for the job is important, but you'll also need to be able to access them quickly, so it's no use stowing them away somewhere unreachable.

A Little Help Never Hurt

Even if you are an expert and know exactly how to do everything described above, it never hurts to have some extra assurance out on the water with you to make life a tad easier. Gerber has clearly been doing their homework when it comes to line management on a kayak as they have come up with a Fishing Line Management Multi-Tool. This nifty little gadget isn't just compact enough to take along even on the smallest kayak, but comes complete with six essential line management functions. There are obviously tools available that can help with one or even two line management functions, but Gerber has jammed as many as possible in this tool while still keeping it lightweight and compact.

Gerber Linedriver Fishing Management Tool

It can help you to tie knots and clear eyelets with its rotating end, while the spinning hook vise can be used to securely clamp onto a hook or lure in order to cleanly spin the line while you tie the knot. It even has an eyelet clearing spike and a rotating tether point, so your tool stays secure while still providing freedom of movement. All the cutting, crimping and threading duties are handled by the opposite end of the tool. It is here where you will find the dual serrated scissor snips that functions as both full range scissors as well as for quick pull-through cuts. it also provides a split shot crimper and handy hook threader.

The Gerber Linedriver Fishing Line Management Multi-Tool is an outstanding gadget for any kayak angler, but it serves to make things easier and more convenient for you and not as a replacement for knowing essential skills. Combining the right set of skills with the right tool is the only way to get the best results. Being prepared is great, but if you can accomplish it without being overloaded it is even better and it is here where tools like the Gerber Linedriver is worth their weight in gold.

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