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Friday, 10 August 2018 13:41

Yakangler Mailbox: Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler

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Keeping things cool on a kayak that is out in the sun is not an easy task, which is why decent coolers are so popular with anglers. 
Many kayak anglers with sit-on-top kayaks prefer a hard cooler as these can double as a handy seat in order to save some valuable space, but that doesn't mean that soft coolers should be discounted either. The Polar Bear Nylon Backpack cooler isn't just great at what it is designed to do, which is keeping things cold, but thanks to its design it is also perfect for carrying around while keeping your hands free. If you ever need to carry your kayak and gear for a long distance to get to the water, then you'll really appreciate the adjustable shoulder straps and padded backrest that it offers. This cooler also makes the most of the space that it has to offer as it is large enough to accommodate eighteen 12 ounce cans and seven pounds of ice while still providing you with a handy mesh pocket, zippered pocket and two side water bottle pockets for more storage options.
At first glance the Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler looks more like it is some type of hand luggage and not a soft cooler, but what it lacks in stylishness it more than makes up for in functionality. It has a lightweight 1000-Denier Nylon outer-shell and high-density foam with a patent-pending sew design. Polar Bear has used antimicrobial FDA-Approved materials for their proprietary liner, which means it is absolutely leak proof. The insulation of this cooler is also excellent and according to Polar Bear, it is able to hold ice for up to 24 hours even in 100 degree heat if you pack it properly. This is not an empty claim either as many users have reported that the cooler is able to keep things frosty for even longer than that. The rest of the cooler is just as rugged as it heavy duty side release buckles and zippers that are virtually unbreakable. The tear-resistant nylon shell can withstand a lot of abuse and the whole cooler is also very easy to clean.
The Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler is available in two colors, Burnt Orange and Breakup Camo. Because of the rugged design of the cooler and the fact that the seams don’t' really blend in, it can look a little cheap, but don't let this fool you as this cooler is built to last. In addition, this cooler is extremely comfortable to carry even when it is fully loaded, which is definitely a plus for anglers who already have to lug around a lot of heavy gear. While there are cheaper coolers available as well as ones that are made more specifically for kayak anglers, the Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler is definitely very useful and versatile enough for any type of outdoor activities.
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