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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 16:54

Yakangler Mailbox: YakGear - Fish Stik

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It doesn't matter whether you are fishing for recreational or tournament purposes, measuring the fish that you catch is an essential component of the sport. We received one of YakGear's Fish Stiks in the mailbox and had a look at how it works. Here are our impressions:

Knowing the dimensions of your catch is not just useful for bragging rights, but also to ensure that the fish is above the legal size limit. Since space is so limited on kayaks and paddle boards, there have been numerous attempts at making it easier for anglers to measure their catch. These range from standalone rulers to ones that have been incorporated into the kayak itself or even on the paddles. Both of these have their own pros and cons, but whichever type you choose, there are usually some compromises that you have to live with. The YakGear Fish Stik is a handy device that has been designed to make it as easy as possible to measure your catch, without having to worry about some of the limitations that are usually involved.

What sets the YakGear Fish Stik apart from the competition is the fact that it is 36-inches long, which is long enough to measure most types of fish, but can fold down to only 12-inches when you want to stow it away. This might not be such a big deal when fishing from the shore, but on a kayak or paddleboard it certainly saves a lot of space. It doesn't feel flimsy either as the locking tabs will keep the Fish Stik rigid when opened. The other big plus for the YakGear Fish Stik is that even if you accidentally drop it in the water, it will simply float for easy retrieval. Anyone who has ever had to watch helplessly as their expensive ruler sinks to the bottom of the lake or river will really appreciate this aspect. This also means that the Fish Stik is rather light, which is something else that will appeal to kayak anglers.

In terms of design, the YakGear Fish Stik is able to provide improved measurement accuracy thanks to its raised 3.5-inch bump board. The rounded design reduces the stress on the fish and it also has a built-in line slot, so you can measure a fish on-the-line without it interfering with the accuracy. YakGear has thoughtfully included a marker with the Fish Stik, so if you need to add darkened measurement indicators to the board yourself you'll be able to do so. It is available in three different colors, white, orange as well as HiViz yellow.

Overall, the YakGear Fish Stik offers a very practical solution for measuring fish. Since it can fold up to a third of its size, you don't have to compromise on either length or space. It is even more useful if you own something like the Fish Grips Jr. as these can easily be stowed away inside a folded Fish Stik. In addition, it is compatible with the RAILBLAZA Pivot Kit, which is great if you want to mount the Fish Stik in such a manner that it can rotate.


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