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Farm To Feet "Blacksburg 1/4 Crew" Water Sock

Farm To Feet "Blacksburg 1/4 Crew" Water Sock Hot

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Farm To Feed Blacksburg Crew

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farm to feet
Blacksburg 1/4 Crew
MSRP ($):
Nothing can ruin a day of kayak fishing like swamp foot. The Farm To Feet "Blacksburg 1/4 Crew" water sock is the answer. Perfect for mid-topped water shoes or sandals these ultralight, fully synthetic socks offer extra protection in the Achilles area, and near-instantaneous drying help keep your feet happy for those long days on the water.

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3.5  (2)
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Water Socks for Kayak Fishing?

A few months ago, I was given two pair of water socks for review purposes. The socks are made by Farm To Feet and are called the Blacksburg Water Socks. They retail for $17 dollars a pair.

The socks are made to wear with the many different types of water shoes that are on the market today. The website describes the socks as such:

“The ultralight, UV-resistant, and unbelievably quick-drying Blacksburg was designed for fishermen, stand-up paddlers, and anyone else looking for a low-profile sock to prevent abrasion and blisters during long days on the water. Hidden plaiting construction utilizes PTFE-coated nylon fibers for a frictionless feel—even against soggy skin—that won’t wash out over time. Fully synthetic materials and dedicated drain vents in the sole eliminate that soaked-shoe feeling and keep drying times to an absolute minimum.”

I was excited about the possibility to be able to wear a sock that would eliminate any rubbing that may occur while wearing water shoes. I was also anxious to test out their claim that the socks are “unbelievably quick-drying”.

When I first put on the socks I was amazed at how they breathed. I could literally feel cool air on my feet. This gave me some hope that they would in fact dry quickly after getting wet. However, after much use on the water and intentionally getting them wet, I have come to the conclusion that the socks are not quick drying, at least in the sense that I understand dry.

I will admit that I do really like the socks and I use them every fishing trip. This is due to other benefits the socks provide; let me explain. Although the socks do not dry completely, they also do not hold water. The socks are lightly damp but they do not have that “soggy” feeling. This coupled with the fact the socks breath so well, my feet do not seem to get “water-logged” and they actually feel cool. For these reason, I do believe they work well for the water and for their intended purpose.

I originally was doubtful of the $17 price tag. However, after two months of some pretty harsh use, I have not noticed any signs of wear. This leads me to believe that the socks are very durable and will probably last awhile. If you plan on purchasing the socks specifically for fishing trips, it appears you will be able to get your money’s worth.

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Waters Fished:
  • Salwater Flats
  • Saltwater Bays
16-30 times

Pros & Cons

Comfort, No "Soggy" "Water-logged" Feet, Durable
Expensive, Do Not Dry Completely
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The perfect sock for Kayak Fishing

Last summer I decided to buy a nice pair of water shoes. With a Columbia outlet not to far from my house, I invested in a pair of Drainmaker IIs. After fishing with my new water shoes for half a season I started to dislike wearing them with just my bare feet. The feeling of my wet bare skin combined with the accumulation of the dirt, rocks and grime that added up inside the shoes drove me crazy. I looked for a pair of socks that would help to solve my issue as well as provide additional sun protection for my ankles.
As I did some research I stumbled across diving socks. I decided to give a pair a try, but unfortunately they only solved one of the problems I was having. A little discouraged, I continued to use the diving socks and just dealt with my feet being constantly soaked and my skin all "prunny" after a day on the water.
Then one day I was told about Farm to Feet, a 100% American made sock that was designed for outdoor enthusiasts and perfect for kayak fishing. After receiving two pairs for testing, I eagerly waited for the weather to clear. Luckily I had a monday off work and the weather turned out to be perfect, so off I went armed with my Drainmakers and my new Farm to Feet 1/4 crew socks. The first thing I noticed about these socks when I began to remove them from their packaging was how light weight they were. As I slid them onto my feet I was greeted by a cooling sensation and a feeling of comfort. The socks are so lightweight that I felt like I was still barefoot.

After arriving to the boat ramp and getting my kayak set up, I stepped into the water for the first time armed with my new socks. Even wet, these socks still felt extremely comfortable. Very quickly after entering the water I realized that my feet were already starting to dry and that wet sensation that I constantly had with my diving socks was no longer there. Several times during my outing I dunked my feet into the water to cool off a bit from the muggy Texas conditions that day. Each time I submersed my feet I was extremely surprised how fast my feet were drying out . The combination of the Farm to Feet socks and my Columbia Drainmakers are a Kayak Fisherman's dream.
While I have only made two trips with these socks I can tell you that they have quickly made a difference in my comfort on a long day of fishing. They are 100% made in America by American Workers and come in at a very reasonable price. In a world full of non-American products overtaking the shelves, its good to see a Company proud to be American made. Check them out at: http://farmtofeet.com

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Waters Fished:
Large Lakes
2-6 times

Pros & Cons

lightweight, quick dry, comfortable
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