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Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Dead Fish, Supermodel?

Apparently some folks find it appalling that a hot topless woman would pose with a dead sailfish slung over her shoulders. Sports Illustrated latest Swimsuit edition has a photograph of model Jessica Gomes wearing a dead sailfish. Am I heartless? I’m trying to see why everyone is making a big stink about this…

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Thursday, 20 October 2011 02:00


Normally I try to avoid anything that might make my readers feel like they have to choose sides. But this time, I have decided to throw down the gauntlet. If I lose followers because of it, then so be it. I feel like if we don't do something, we're going to lose what is quite possibly the most important fish in the Chesapeake Bay, which in turn will affect fishing all along the entire east coast.

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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 02:00

Conservation Can Be Hard

Ever since I was little I’ve always heard “It’s not always easy doing the right thing”, you probably did too. Standing up for what you believe is right can also be equally as hard. Debates can quickly turn heated and the true message you’re trying to get across gets lost. Talk about kayak fishing or fishing conservation on any angler forum and you’ll see what I mean. I recently had an encounter such as this on one of these forums.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010 17:32

Isaac Miller aka The Nothing

As we here at YakAngler discuss every month who we would like to interview next for our YakAngler Spotlight, we decided that there was no better candidate than our very own Isaac Miller aka "The Nothing".

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