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Saturday, 21 December 2013 19:23

Dec. 20th kayak fishing in Wisconsin

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Watch out folks, it's a heat wave up here in Wisconsin. After weeks of temps in the single digits and low/mid teens we have a couple days with temps in the 20's. Sadly, most lakes and rivers are froze over with all this cold, but I found a spot with open water! As I am teaching piano students who moved this past Spring I saw the moon reflecting on open water in the river that is in their backyard. When I saw this I got very excited and started thinking about when I can go and what to take.

With school out for Winter Break on Friday, Dec. 20th the temperature a warm 21 degrees and snowing heavily I headed out. Water temps being right around freezing I made sure I dressed for the weather and water. I didn't want to go swimming but made sure Iw as prepared if I did. I loaded up my car with the gear and my Jackson Cuda 12 and was off to the students house. I will say, it was strange to have to scrape the ice off my windows with a yak on top of the car. When I arrived at the house I took the kayak down and loaded it up in the snow covered front yard. I dragged it around the house, down an extremely steep hill, and over the dock and put it in the water.

There was a little breeze but you could hardly feel it in the river channel. The snow kept falling as I paddled around and did some jigging, worked a suspending crank bait, and worked on my new addiction fly fishing! I had a couple bites but nothing wanted to commit and get hooked.

After paddling, fishing, and the kayak getting all covered in snow for about 2 1/2 hours I decided to call it a day and head in. (Needed to get some house work done before my wife came home.) I got my yak up on the dock and started up the steep hill. I got maybe a third of the way and could not get any traction. Every time I tried pushing the yak up I slipped down another foot. After laying and resting in the snow (and holding the yak to stop it from sliding back down) I then pushed it up using a different strategy and made it about 2 feet before I slipped again, but only a couple inches. After doing this multiple times I was able to get another third of the way up the hill. But this time I was completely out of breath and had absolutely no energy left to take it up the rest of the way. As I lay there contemplating how I was going to get it up the rest the way my piano students came and helped me the rest of the way. They were even kind enough to help me load it on my car. I don't know what I would have done if they weren't there!

Oh well, even though I was skunked and barely got back to my car it was a fantastic day out! Snow falling, calm waters, and I even spotted 4 bald eagles. I can even say that I was out kayaking on Dec. 20th! Now I just need to catch something!

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Spencer Jones

Although starting to kayak fish in the summer of 2012 Spencer has fished since he was a kid.  He fishes everything from small creeks to large lakes mainly targeting large and smallmouth bass, northerns, and anything he can convince to bite the hook.  When he is not on the water he teaches choir at a middle and high school and teaches private piano lessons, and composes music. Spencer also loves working out and helping folks get healthy and fit!  He lives in Neenah with his lovely wife, 2 dogs, and 4 cats.

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+1 # FLNavyVet 2013-12-24 10:54
Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great day on the water despite being skunked.
+1 # Irish Fly 2013-12-24 15:05
Great story Spencer - that's really cool to get a chance to get out on open water in the Upper Midwest in the dead of Winter!
+1 # IndianaYakFish 2013-12-26 19:48
Nice write up buddy. At least you were out there fishing!

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