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Monday, 14 January 2013 12:16

Fishing From A Kayak?

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What are the advantages of using a kayak for fishing? Why not just buy a boat or a canoe? Ask any Kayak Fisherman. You will find most of them very passionate about their chosen sport. What is it about fishing from a kayak that creates such enthusiasm in the hearts of so many today? It's a booming way of fishing. With the help of the internet, the art of fishing from a kayak is picking up more and more momentum every day.

There are groups and clubs dedicated to the comradely kayak anglers share. There are newer models and fancier kayaks being built all around the world. Accessories and add-ons are the rule. The handyman is in rig it up heaven. The goal of the kayak angler in the end is to catch more fish. But, along the way the adventure in creating the platform for paddling that will literally take you where no man has gone to catch fish before has captured the hearts of many. There's nothing like paddling to the spot where you know the fish just below your bottom have never seen the bait you're about to present to them. And, if you catch one big enough, you'll get a water park-like ride without even having to pay the admission. It may be getting a little technical, just like fishing in the $30,000 bass boat. But, it has a romance about it like no other way of fishing on Earth.

kayak fishing the creek

That's me, paddling my way to a quiet spot in nature to find my passion. Fishing in a kayak.

They may not be painted flat black like an Air Force Fighter Jet. But, stealth is a joy of the kayak fishing experience. I hear stories all the time from friends that paddled right up to a fish so quietly that they could have reached out and touched it. They made the offering with their special gear and reeled it in. Kayaks come in colored plastic of bright yellows, blues and reds so they can be seen by the speeding boater or that rescue helicopter. They also come in muted colors and camouflage so they can hide from those ducks in hunting season or just because it looks so cool. They come in many shapes and sizes, long ones, short ones, single or tandem seating. Fully equipped or bare so you can rig it yourself. Sit-on-top (SOT) or Sit-In (SINK). Some even have gotten so fancy that they are no longer categorized as a kayak and earned the title of boat. But, we still call it a kayak if it floats with the kayak crowd.

my fishing kayak

My friends with kayaks have a little more money in their pockets to spend on their outings than our friends with the fancy, gas guzzling bass boats. So, they get to go out more often it seems. A very well rigged fishing kayak can be purchased for somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars. Just try to find a boat for that. No special trailer is needed for the kayak. Although, some kayak fishermen have more than one and get a trailer anyway just for the convenience of not having them on top of their vehicle.

kayak fishing transport

I've been fishing my entire life. I just spent my first summer in my kayak. I'm the one that got hooked this year. Just watch for me paddling by your money pit of a bass boat to go into places you wouldn't even try to get into. I'll be there, probably with a few fellow kayak fishermen, reeling them in and telling stories right here on WFN about the awesome fish that I caught. Of course, I'd fish with you any day your way in a boat. I have absolutely nothing against it. My heroes are the Bassmaster Anglers that zip at 70 mph across the lake and rivers for that thrill of victory. But, I'm in love. In love with my kayak fishing as many others are today. That's why we fish from a kayak.

My Fishing In A Kayak Facebook Site is at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fishing-In-A-Kayak/247837198606950

If you want to know more about kayak fishing, you can just type the words 'kayak fishing' into your favorite search engine and watch the thousands and thousands of topics pop up for your reading and viewing or look right here on YakAngler.com your ultimate kayak fishing resource.

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John Cochran

Just bought an Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT Angler Edition in 2010 and have been out fishing like a mad man the last three years. I'm absolutely loving it!  Actually....  Addicted!

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