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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 21:08

Elgeebee's Boondoggle

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I had an opportunity to go up the coast to Virginia Beach, for the second-annual Columbus Day Boondoggle - which was organized by Yakangler and Kayak Fishing Radio.  It wasn't a tournament or anything serious - just a chance to meet with other kayak anglers and fish!

The plan was to meet up with DDOlson at 5:00 AM on Friday and head up there...so far so good.  I had most everything packed the night before, so I was ready to roll.  Met up with DD and his wife - and we hit the road.  Made a few stops along the way - the occasional rest-area breaks and the visitor's centers at North Carolina & Virginia.  We communicated between the vehicles with some two-way radios I had brought along...

Got up there around 1:30 PM, and first stop was "Oceans East 2 Tackle".  I stocked up on some Gulp plastics, heavier jig-heads, and a few bucktail jigs - just in case we got to go out to bigger water.

Then we headed to First Landing State Park...check-in time was 3:00 PM, so we were early.  The preferred time-killer was to look around the park - taking in the beachfront looking out into the Chesapeake Bay, as well as driving over to Lynnhaven Bay to look at the boat ramp - possibly where we'd be fishing over the next couple days.

Got back to the park, and got checked-in and headed to the cabins...got settled-in.  Decided to hit the water, and try a nearby fishing spot some others had fished earlier that day called "Broad Bay".  We had a couple hours before dark...

DDOlson and his bride both caught some reds...I caught nothing on this trip.  The sun started going down and we headed back to the launch.

Went back to the cabins - got cleaned up and went out to eat.  Hit the sack around 10:45 PM...the drive up there and the little fishing trip finally caught up with me.

I woke-up around 5:00 AM to get Saturday started-up.  Today, we would meet up with a lot of kayakers at the Lynnhaven Bay launch.

We headed out into the bay...DDOlson started catching small reds.  My highlight of the day was a PINFISH!  It was awful...I had two nice flounder get away at the kayak - I didn't have a good hookset and they got to the edge of the boat and let-go of the tails of the plastics...then I started having problems with my two best reels - my Battle 3000 and my Sargus 3000.  Both reels had gotten immersed in the surf of Sullivans Island a few weekends earlier.  I had stripped them down and re-greased them afterwards, but they were never the same after that flip.  Between the problems with equipment and the unlucky fishing - I decided to head back to the launch.

Later that evening, we had a nice dinner and raffle.  We didn't know what Sunday would hold, as a front would be moving in late that evening/overnight, bringing a North wind, rain, and lower temperatures.

Sunday morning...it was noticeably cooler.  The wind was rustling through the trees.  I thought about heading home early since the weather turned...but DDOlson wanted to give Broad Bay another shot.  There was a few places we could go and escape the wind, and try to redeem ourselves with some fish.

This was the scene at the launch...overcast, breezy, and cool.  The rain was holding off for now.  Let's go fishing!

We went back into a creek called "Rainey's Gut"...it was a nice narrow stretch of water - plus it was very quiet - with the trees and houses providing a great wind-barrier.  We moved along the stretch of waterway, throwing plastics.  DDOlson was the first to score with a nice puppy drum.  I was encouraged!

We both caught puppy drums & trout.  I think DD's biggest drum was 16 3/4".  My biggest was 15 1/2".  After two days of no fish, I was very happy...I ended up catching a small flounder to make a little inshore slam.  Also caught what I think was a black sea-bass.

When we got down to Crystal Lake, the fishing slacked-off, and DD recommended we start heading back.  Then the drizzle started.  I was so glad I packed a rain jacket for this trip.  We got back into Broad Bay, then the bottom fell out...it poured down rain all the way back to the launch.  I was so happy to have the MirageDrive - I could keep my hands in my jacket-pockets and hold my hat down to keep my face covered from the wind and rain.  Got back to the launch and ran into "DeckApe" from the forum...

Arrived back at the cabin for a hot shower and dry clothes!  Took it easy for the rest of the afternoon - then we had a little gathering that evening, with some good food and fellowship.  Later that night, I finished packing my gear into my vehicle, ready for the trip home the next day.  Monday morning was well-wishes to our friends, and finally hitting the road around 9:30.  Pulled into my driveway at 6:00 PM - so glad to be back home in Charleston...

The Boondoggle was a success...I believe they had well over 40 kayak anglers take part over the weekend. I got to meet a lot of people who I had only known as screen-names and pictures on a website.  Sunday's fishing made the trip for me, but even if we didn't get on fish, it was well-worth the trip up there!

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Lewis G. Brownlee

Lewis G. Brownlee (Elgeebee) is a native South Carolinian, and avid outdoorsman.  He is the president of the "Lowcountry Kayak Anglers" club in Charleston, SC.


# Deckape 2012-10-31 10:53
It was awesome meeting you guys. I wish i has the opproutunity to hang out more. It was the first time we met, but it wont be the last!

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