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Friday, 25 January 2019 10:13

Tribute To Rebecca Golden

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There are a lot of things to love about kayak fishing, but one of the greatest things is how it is a hobby that is accessible to people from all walks of life. People who might have ordinarily had nothing in common can bond over their love of getting in a kayak and enjoying the great outdoors while angling. It is also a hobby where men and women and compete on an even playing field and make a name for themselves within the community. One name that will be remembered for a long time is that of Rebecca Golden, affectionately known as "Golden Girl" by fellow kayak anglers, who tragically lost her life in October last year.

According to her Twitter profile, Rebecca started fishing as a kid and caught sunnies with her dad, but it wasn't until her introduction to bass fishing that she really got hooked on the hobby. She was born on the first of December, 1973 in Phoenixville and graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia in 2003 with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. After graduating, she also went on to work as a Physical Therapist and her clients had nothing but praise for her generous spirit, and caring approach to her profession.

It was after an ex-boyfriend of Rebecca took her out bass fishing for the first time in her life that she got completely hooked. Although she didn't have much luck that first time and ended up watching her partner reel in the bass, it is a testament to her indomitable spirit that she set off on her own one day with his rood and lures to catch her first bass. After that there was no turning back for Rebecca and she discovered that she not only loved the hobby, but also the competitive aspects of it. She initially joined the South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club simply to meet other kayak anglers, but credit them with teaching her the ropes as well as encouraging her. 

Rebecca caught her first bass in March of 2013, in July she got her first kayak and by August she was already taking part in her first tournament. Although she got skunked in that first tournament at Alcyon Lake, she remained undeterred and by the next year began to rake in the awards. Her list of accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, but highlights include winning "Rookie of the Year" at the South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club in 2014, placing first and setting a new club record for Lake Assunpink, where she also established a new club record for the total length caught in a tournament. In 2016 she was named the Kayak Bass Series Angler of the year, but despite all her success, she remained humble and always praised her fellow anglers as well as the sport.

During interviews Rebecca revealed that she learned to fish without the use of any electronics and read everything she could find about bass fishing. She was then able to use this knowledge in conjunction with her electronics to improve her skills. Rebecca was also known for how diligent she was with preparing for tournaments and even kept a white board with her schedule for the year marked out in order to stay organized. 

It was with great sadness that members of the kayak fishing community received the news that they had lost one of their own while she doing what she loved the most, kayak angling. According to reports, Rebecca Golden lost her life while pre-fishing for the KBF 100 Challenge championship on Toledo Bend. Since then the tributes for this amazing angler, who had already accomplished so much and was poised for even greater things have been pouring in. Her friends and fellow anglers will always remember her for her warmth, friendliness and genuine passion for bass fishing. She was a testament to the fact that kayak angling is a sport where you don't need to be a super athlete in order to compete at a high level and that with enough passion and commitment, it is never too late to start.

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