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Space Coast Kayak Anglers

Space Coast Kayak Anglers
Monday, 12 March 2012
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  • Been fishing by the Pineda Cwy. It's close to home and the bite been OK. Seen a few Tarpon with no luck ,Pinfish under cork only got me sail cats and a 4' shark.Go again in AM looking for trout and reds.
    groups.wall 66 days ago
    Old Jake Missed your post last month, big sail cats can eat the whole thing with ease.31 days ago
  • Posted a new discussion, Sanibel Island Visit
    Hey all...I'm looking for a fishing buddy for the Sanibel Island area and possibly a kayak to use so I don't have to being one along. Marian & I ...
    groups.discussion 285 days ago
  • Thanks man, topwater frogs are a lot of fun
    groups.discussion.reply 397 days ago
  • Replied to the Lagoon closed
    Merritt island refuge is closed and the waters
    groups.discussion.reply 407 days ago
  • Replied to the Lagoon closed
    I have not gotten to Florida yet. I spoke with one of my fishing buddies and he said it was terrible. The water stinks, it is foll of green algae like
    groups.discussion.reply 409 days ago
  • Awesome!! thanks Austin
    groups.wall 530 days ago
  • Blue Eyes, check us out on Facebook too! Search Space Coast Kayak Anglers on Facebook and you'll find the whole gang there, and we are always posting when each of us are headed out and extend the offer to anyone that would like to join! Also, fee free to ask as many questions that you have and I'm sure someone or quite a few of us will have an answer for ya!
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  • Thanks Old Jake
    groups.wall 532 days ago
  • Take a look at Kelly Pk. off the 528 take N.Banana River Dr. south. Another place to try,528 to A1A Port Canaveral George King Blvd. Look at a map find mullet Rd. take this all the way and go under bridge.at the end of this rd. you can put in Good Luck
    groups.wall 532 days ago
  • Hi All,
    I have a new Yak and new to the sport. I live in ORlando and want to wet my lines on the Indian river or Banana River. Anyone willing to share a good spot to start out? The easiest location would be somewhere off 528, but I can travel a bit if necessary.

    groups.wall 532 days ago
  • I am further south, but see no groups in the Treasure Coast area. I am surprised because from what I have seen this is a great area as well. I live in Fort Pierce 6 months of the year (OCT-APR).
    groups.wall 558 days ago
    wildrover We get a good amount of snook, redfish is the rage. Good trout as well. I am looking forward to being back south.539 days ago
  • Im new at this kayak fishing and need to ck/.out the lagoon,free most days.
    groups.wall 569 days ago
    one more cast Lol no big deal, just message me if you ever want to go558 days ago
  • New to the group, just wanted to drop a line to say hello! I fish the lagoon on a regular basis, so if anyone needs someone to paddle out with let me know. I look forward to attending events/tournaments with some local anglers!
    groups.wall 600 days ago
    one more cast I wasnt tracking that, thanks for the heads up! I mostly fish the north lagoon, Im going to have to get down there and scout the area a bit. Do You have a link for the tropic bay tournament?600 days ago
  • Hey guys, Preston here, I met a lot of you at the AFWC this weekend and wanted to say props to you guys for claiming 5 of the top 10 spaces that was awesome. I joined this group because I will be attending Stetson University next year and am going to need to learn how to fish up that way! It was nice to meet you guys and feel free to add me as a friend on here or on facebook!
    groups.wall 627 days ago
    tarpon140 Thanks man! It was good to meet you too!626 days ago
  • Dont forget the Kayaks by Bo Demo day this Saturday 1/19 and the Boondoggle February 15-18th at KARS Park Merritt Island, FL !!!
    groups.wall 674 days ago
  • If you are looking to purchase your first kayak or just want to upgrade meet us at the Max Brewer Bridge(S.R. 406) in Titusville, FL on Saturday January 19th 10:00am - 2:00pm for Kayak Demo Day. All the top brands will be available to get out on the water and try out. Jackson Kayaks, Diablo Paddlesports, Native Watercraft, Wilderness Systems, Hobie, and NuCanoe.
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  • Dont forget the SCKA meeting this Saturday Jan 12 6:00pm-ish at kayaks By Bo !
    groups.wall 684 days ago
  • I suppose all the SPKA are all gone lol
    groups.wall 817 days ago
  • I am available to share a trip locally or elsewhere.
    groups.wall 929 days ago
  • Awesome idea Chuck!
    groups.wall 985 days ago

If you fish on the Space Coast of Florida this is the Group for you... I plan on holding monthly Group meetings and Seminars from some of the top Anglers and industry pro's from around the country at one of our local Kayak Stores!!!!!

more info to come soon!

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