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Fri, Nov 28, 2014

Presidents Day Boondoggle Merritt Island, FL

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Kars Park, Merritt Island, FL 32953, USA

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Presidents Day Boondoggle Merritt Island, FL
Feb 15 at 12:00 AM - Feb 18 at 11:59 PM
(UTC 00:00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
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The 3rd Annual Presidents Day Boondoggle will be held in Merritt Island, Florida!
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What the heck is a BoonDoggle?
February 15-18th, 2013. Reservations are being taken at KARS PARK. They have opened their doors for us specially for the Boondoggle! Please call Christina at 321-867-7967.Tell her you are part of the Boondoggle. We will update this as soon as we have more info so check back often and ask questions! Thanks!


Ok, folks here is a list of events at the Boondoggle that aren't set in stone just yet.

Thursday: Folks can show up and start the Boondoogle off with some fishing or whatever. I am not sure how many will be pulling in on Thursday but it will give you the opportunity to see the area before it really fills up.

Friday: The Official Start of the Boondoggle!!!! Fishing in the morning, fishing in the afternoon, then we will have a meet and greet so folks can get to know your fellow Boondoggler that evening at Kars Park. There will be folks from all over the country so we want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Kars will be cooking Hamburgers and Hotdogs they will also have chips and soda and keg beer. We are working on having a local band come out and play while we hangout. Possible movie night for the kids as well..

Saturday: Fishing, Fishing, Fishing and there will be Demo's of different kayak's, SUP, and other craft, At this event we will have vendors joining us to show off their products! From Shirts, Wood Carvings, Rods, and Boats there is sure to be something for everyone! This will however not be a craftfair/boat show it will be more like oh by the way this is what I do for a living check it out...

We are planing on having door prizes for the kids that show up, every kid will walk away with something and there is no charge for their ticket! Then we plan to have dinner following the kids event! It looks like Sonny's BBQ is going to be serving dinner for a plate fee "shouldn't be more than $10" After the dinner we will get into the Door Prizes this will take a while so make sure to bring your coolers to the pavilion.

Also another possible movie night for the kids then adults..

Sunday: We will once again Fish Fish Fish and have the Demo stuff going on again, at night we will have a pot luck style dinner. You can fish at night if you wish to, there is a long fishing dock and those that get waterfront sites have small docks as well.

Monday: Go home and tell your friends about the Boondoggle and how they missed out!


For those of you that are not sure if you will catch fish if you come out to the Boondoggle this is the "NMZ" we have almost 8 miles of shoreline on the west side not all is no motor but still 8 miles and on the east side 5 1/2 miles of shoreline... We will be fine as far as room is concerned.