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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 19:15

Georgia Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail

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Check this out for your next possible 2010 Road Trip...

Georgia has its own Kayak Fishing Tournament that includes 4 different trails, 3 beautiful seasons and one winner who receives $5,000 in cash and prizes!

The first stop on the trail takes place March 13th and 14th at Lake Harding (outside of Columbus). Lake Harding has 156 miles of shoreline and over 5850 acres of surface areas fishing: Spotted Largemouth and Striped Bass are just part of the piscatorial mix with Catfish, Crappie and Bream all eager to test the kayak angler's skills.

The next round is hosted at the three mountain lakes; Lake Seed, Tallulah Falls and Tugalo (North GA) on May 14th and 15th. Each of these stops has their own challenges for anglers.

Lake Seed is serpentine in nature formed by damming the Tallulah River. Snaking her way south for 13 miles, Seed creates 240 surface acres. But don't make the mistake of believing her narrow frame doesn't provide fish of great girth. Seed is a trophy fishery boasting double digit trout, walleye and bass as her denizens.

At only 63 acres, Tallulah Falls Lake affords kayak anglers the opportunity to test her/his skills on a smaller body of water. Like her sister lakes, Tallulah Falls holds all the same species while leveling the playing field for anglers that are more comfortable on smaller waters.

Lake Tugalo is widely regarded as the most beautiful lake in Georgia. She lies just below the famous Tallulah Falls, sourced by the Tallulah and Chattooga Rivers and formed by the Tugalo Dam.  Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tugalo's banks are steep and undeveloped providing not only a scenic backdrop but it only serves a tremendous amount of fell trees and blowdowns creating extensive cover along 18 miles of shoreline.

On to the third leg of the tournament located at Coffee Bluff Marina (Savannah). This trail is during the summer on July 9th and 10th. Much of the Georgia Coast resembles what the Europeans saw when their ships first arrived in this New World; undeveloped islands, bays, tidal creeks and rivers. Coastal Georgia is a place where the cadence of life is dictated by the ebb and flow of the tides.

Last is the fall finale at Lake Oconee on September 17th and 18th.

Lake Oconee has a rich tradition as a premier tournament lake.

Sourced by the Oconee and Appalachee Rivers and formed by Wallace Dam, Lake Oconee has almost 19,000 acres of surface area to explore. With this much lake, you know there are some monster fish that call her home

The tournament finale should produce some whopper fish and needed points for the quest to become 2010 Georgia Kayak Fishing Champion.

Article and more info available at: www.kayakfishingtrail.com

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