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Thursday, 13 August 2020 12:47

Excitement Mounting For Hobie Bass Open Series At California Delta

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August sees the Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S) heading to the California Delta where anglers are looking forward to 100 square miles of outstanding largemouth bass habitat.

Tournament Director, A.J. McWhorter, has expressed his excitement at bringing the event to the West Coast and stated that he expects plenty of exciting surface action as the area features prime frogging water. He also mentioned that the river is tidally influenced, which means the new moon will be pulling on the current and putting the fish on the feed. The area has a reputation for producing trophy bass and McWhorter believes that there is going to be plenty of potential for real explosive action.

The Cali Delta has a solid reputation for quality and quantity when it comes to bigmouths. This is thanks to the water, weeds, and structure that spur their growth. It's also prime frogging territory thanks to its dense weed mats while the hard structures such as docks, bulkheads, and marina facilities provide the type of shade where trophies often lurk. In fact, there's enough diversity to complement any anglers' strength.

Many anglers have expressed their excitement at participating in the event. Michael Lavoie of Mather, California has said that he can't wait for it to get underway and that he loves to work around the rocks, flats, and sunken islands that are spread liberally across the waters. Lavoie, who has walked away with numerous top-ten finishes in the past, also revealed that Cali Delta bass is supreme opportunists and the biggest fish often push out the smaller fish when it comes to occupying the most advantageous spots.

There will also be a lot of first time Hobie B.O.S competitors taking part, such as Kathy Stiles-Holmes, of Bethel Island California. She's a frequent high finisher in local online tournaments but is still searching for her first live-tourney win. Kathy has stated that she is ready for battle and has two identical Hobie PA12 kayaks with 360 MirageDrivesa nd Kick-Up Fins ready to go. As a big Hobie fan, she signed up for the California Delta B.O.S within days of it being announced. She also shared that her favorite bait for the waters in the area is a five-inch Gary Yamamoto Senko worm.

The Hobie B.O.S. event will be completely contactless due to the COVID-19 situation. There are no requirements for anglers to gather as all meetings will be virtual and the event will adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines to safeguard both participants and the local community.

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