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Thursday, 31 October 2019 10:28

Time is Near For The Hobie Bass Open Series Shootout and Tournament of Champions

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Kayak anglers should be familiar with the Hobie Bass Open Series by now as it's one of the most accessible yet elite tournaments, especially when it comes to high payouts.

Anglers across the country have embraced the inaugural season of the Hobie BOS thanks to its simplified, "open-to-anyone" format. However, all good things must come to an end and their first season is also on the verge of wrapping up.


Along with the eleven Satellite events across the country the 2019 Hobie BOS featured six Open events that took place at Lake Chickamauga, TN; Lake Shasta, CA; Kentucky Lake, KY, Lake Fork, TX; Lake St. Clair, MI; and Lake Guntersville, AL. The top six anglers for each of the open events, along with the first-place anglers in each Satellite event earned the right to compete at Hobie's first-ever Tournament of Champions. It is the final event of the Hobie Bass Open Series and will take place from November 9 to 10 at Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita, Arkansas. The Hobie TOC will also offer the largest total payout of any event of the 2019 Hobie BOS season with a whopping total of $40,00 up for grabs. This prize money will go to the top ten finishers from a field of 50 qualifying anglers.


Before the big event, Hobie is hosting one last event, which will be open to all kayak anglers. It is called the Hobie BOS Shootout and will be held on Lake Ouachita on November 8. This is one day before the TOC and the event cap is 125 anglers. The big incentive for taking part in this event is that the top-three finishers will qualify to compete at the Tournament of Champions to fill the last few spots for the field of 50. Also, the event promises some great payouts for extra incentives.


Hobie BOS Shootout


1-day event with $125 entry fee and a 125 Angler Cap. $25 from each entry goes to build TOC pot.

Will fill all remaining spots of the TOC.

Will be held the day before the TOC at the same venue.

Anglers already qualified for TOC are allowed to participate for prize money only.

Will pay out to top 10% of the field.

Tournament of Champions (TOC):


$200 entry fee for qualified anglers. 50-angler field. All money paid into TOC pot throughout the season will be paid out at this event.

The winner will earn $20,000 and the final spot on the North American Team for Hobie Fishing Worlds 9.

Will pay out to top 20% of the field (top ten).

Will provide a true elite-level kayak championship for the anglers. Family and friends are encouraged to come and support.


For more information about the upcoming Hobie BOS Shootout and Tournament of Champions check out the official Facebook group.

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