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Thursday, 03 November 2011 02:00

Southern Redfish Classic Championship

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Southern Redfish Classic Championship Photograph provided by KayakFishingClassicS

A new fishing location, less than favorable weather conditions, and a malfunctioning camera would have been more than enough to take out the average tournament kayak fisherman. With the odds truly stacked against him Bob Bramblet of Bonita Springs Florida soldiered on to maintain his points lead and win the series championship. Check out the following press release by KayakFishingClassicS for all the kayak fishing tournament details.

The Southern Redfish Classic held on October 29, marked the end of the open series year for the Kayak Fishing ClassicS. It was also the Series Championship for the 2011 Series Year. Of the top forty anglers five or six had a real shot at overtaking series leader Bob Bramblet who by this time had a big target on his back.

It just so happens that the top ten anglers in pursuit of his position are some of the very best anglers on the Gulf Coast and don’t particularly enjoy losing. As if that were not enough competition, most of the anglers in the series are highly skilled and can compete with anyone. Bramblet managed to fish several of the ten open tournaments in the series and usually did quite well. Others in pursuit began to fall behind as they missed tournaments and Bob just kept on fishing. It paid off because it put him in position to not only win but tough to catch.

It would have taken a perfect day for the top anglers in the series standings to catch him but certainly possible and believe me, they were trying. The morning began with a hard rain along the central coast of Florida. Bramblet was out there catching fish and that may have proven to be a problem, an Achilles’ heel of sorts. Almost as bad as not catching fish, Bob’s camera failed after recording one catch. Bramblet showed up at the Riverhouse Reef & Grill, host to event with a long face. There was nothing he could do but hope for the best.

The stage was set and the challenge fell to Marty Meakin however weigh in would prove that he had a tough day of fishing with none caught that met the minimums. Next in line was William Lusk who was having a good day but fell one redfish short of the three fish slam and Mark Knowles, the defending national champion was suddenly called out of town and not in the event. This left it up to Otis Coblentz who did not disappoint.

Otis Coblentz won the tournament with a very nice three redfish slam but it wasn’t enough to catch Bramblet. The one fish that Bramblet managed to enter helped keep Lusk and Coblentz behind him in the series for the win.

Although it didn’t look like it at first, it was Bob Bramblet’s day and he won the 2011 Series Championship. He was followed by Marty Meakin who came in at a very strong Second Place. Otis Coblentz finished in Third Place followed by William Lusk in Fourth Place and Richard Smith in a very respectable Fifth Place. It was a memorable series year to say the least made possible by all of the Kayak Fishing ClassicS’ wonderful sponsors.

There was nearly $10,000.00 awarded in Sponsor Gear Prizes and Bob Bramblet won the fantastic Diablo Paddlesports Kayak. Next up is the invitational National Championship Classic on November 4 & 5. The best of the best will be starting with a clean score sheet with another truck load of Sponsor Gear Prizes and another Diablo Kayak, All up for grabs for the winners. See you there.

To learn more about the ClassicS Series visit them at www.KayakFishingClassicS.com

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